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Gwarl May 15, 2022 12:48

Should be fixed now

MITZE June 13, 2022 18:15

Hengband Tohou Katteban
Hengband To(u)hou Katteban is on the webserver! Have some chat excerpts about it to mark the occasion!

(Also Gwarl fix the typo in the name already!)


...Hengband Touhou Katteban being put on the webserver...
[10:14] Gwarl: hengbandtk is up with caveats
[10:17] StNightmaer: this feels like it works about as well as tome2, which fits
[10:18] Gwarl: 'technically works'
[10:18] Gwarl: 'you can play it'
[10:18] StNightmaer: did it play for like 5 minutes without crashing or those obnoxious tome2 refreshes
[10:18] StNightmaer: because it works better than tome2 then
[10:19] Gwarl: idk I just moved around in the town and was like good enough
[10:19] Rolanako: good work @Gwarl
[10:19] Rolanako: now time for spending 1 hour buying recalls lolol
[10:20] Rolanako: boot
[10:20] Rolanako: menu garbled
[10:20] Gwarl: yes
[10:20] Rolanako: lol
[10:20] Gwarl: 'you can play it' I didn't say it was pretty
[10:20] StNightmaer: argh what do i save with to unbreak the menu
[10:20] Gwarl: it's technically possible to play
[10:20] Gwarl: that's all
[10:21] Rolanako: this is horrible hahaha
[10:22] StNightmaer: Never ask me for anything again. - gwarl
[10:22] Rolanako: im not even mad
[10:22] Rolanako: its funny
[10:38] toeofwobbly: yeah. We have toutti fruity band now
[10:38] toeofwobbly: though sounds like its buggy?
[10:38] StNightmaer: glad i picked berserker lmao if i'm going around with no ability to buy scroll or pot
[10:38] Cryomaniac: Bugs with screen refreshing, at very least
[10:39] toeofwobbly: and you can't read the menu, you just have to guess what you are playing
[10:40] Cryomaniac: Screen refreshing might be tied to how it works in live, but any bugs with shops should be reproductible in offline Linux build
[10:40] StNightmaer: [11:39] toeofwobbly: and you can't read the menu, you just have to guess what you are playing
[10:40] StNightmaer: its like that offline too
[11:34] StNightmaer: so
[11:34] StNightmaer: who was it asking about
[11:34] StNightmaer: permanent hallucination mode
[11:34] StNightmaer: b/c this is pretty close
[11:34] MITZE: I had made a joke that that sounds like a challenge birth option
[11:35] rodent: oo people want permanent hallucination mode?
[11:35] Cryomaniac: This looks far worse
[11:35] MITZE: I marked such down for MITZEband I think, rodent
[11:35] StNightmaer: No rodent because I can't play a character with as much hp as the J in frog
[11:37] MITZE: Goddamnit that's gonna piss me off everytime I see it, Touhou as Tohou
[11:37] MITZE: Mah OCD
[11:37] StNightmaer: time to try subwindows
[11:37] MITZE: I don't even care for the variant
[11:38] rodent: refork mitzeband off tohou and convince gwarl to replace the original with it
[11:38] MITZE: That would also require Gwarl to be here for me to convince
[11:38] MITZE: Same problem as a hypothetical MITZEband release
[11:39] rodent: does it look as bad to the player as it does to the viewer
[11:39] StNightmaer: oh boy it does
[11:42] StNightmaer: in hindsight, i think the monster subwindow is working fine
[11:42] StNightmaer: i just dont think it likes having 3
[11:43] rodent: is the game any more... playable... offline?
[11:43] Cryomaniac: Windows version is fine
[11:43] StNightmaer: it works fine in its own way offline, yes
[11:43] MITZE: Do you have multiple subwindows occupying the same subwindown "slot" ster
[11:43] StNightmaer: i did yes
[11:43] MITZE: Is thats what's going on with the upper left
[11:43] StNightmaer: fixed it with that restart
[11:44] MITZE: How did you even do that
[11:44] rodent: because the upper left is totally the only messed up part of this screen
[11:44] MITZE: I didn't know you even theoretically could
[11:45] StNightmaer: Blackogreth
[11:45] StNightmaer: Warg troll
[11:45] StNightmaer: horrifying things showing up in my recall
[11:45] cobalt: those two sound like legit good monsters
[11:46] StNightmaer: Giantheadlesorm Super Youkai Warhead
[11:46] rodent: Blackeogres flyinghmonkeyangled people
[11:51] rodent: this looks worse than when mitze played with yoz14s
[11:51] StNightmaer: perhaps you could even say that it's lunatic time, every turn
[11:58] StNightmaer: should i try to give context to people watching this blind
[11:58] StNightmaer: or is it self explanatory
[11:59] MITZE: Given that that even the context would need context
[11:59] MITZE: and the context's context, context
[11:59] MITZE: I wouldn't bother
[12:00] rodent: I guess you're supposed to kill stuff and gather loot?
[12:00] StNightmaer: nope
[12:00] StNightmaer: im playing the equivalent of 3 berserkers in a trench coat
[12:00] StNightmaer: 30k hp all of it's lost forever
[12:01] StNightmaer: just doing a straight dive to the end to say its winnable
[12:01] MITZE: Didn't someone joke about such a gimmick on here before?
[12:01] MITZE: It might have even been me, but I don't remember
[12:01] MITZE: "Start with obscenely large HP, but no regen or healing"
[12:02] cobalt: start with max exp and every thing you kill substract from it
[12:03] StNightmaer: anyway
[12:03] StNightmaer: this would be more painful than whatever mitze did for sure
[12:04] StNightmaer: if i had to make any decisions
[12:07] StNightmaer: i think i would prefer
[12:07] StNightmaer: constant hallucination
[12:07] StNightmaer: to the UI actively hurting me
[12:08] StNightmaer: something unethical is happening i think
[12:09] MITZE: "laser rifle"
[12:09] MITZE: "maid uniform"
[12:09] MITZE: are there cat ear headbands in this too
[12:09] StNightmaer: wanna guess what the maid class is replacing
[12:09] Cryomaniac: There's a potion that makes you grow cat ears
[12:09] MITZE: no really
[12:10] MITZE: Cryo: !Polymorph?
[12:10] Cryomaniac: It's not randomly generated (chemist recipe or Nightmare Diary reward)
[12:10] StNightmaer: no it's specifically cat ears
[12:10] StNightmaer: it gives racial detect monsters
[12:10] Cryomaniac: Cat ears is a mutation, so !Polymorph can give you it as well
[12:10] Cryomaniac: But there's a specific potion for it
[12:10] StNightmaer: anyway
[12:10] StNightmaer: maid/butler is
[12:10] StNightmaer: chaos warrior
[12:10] MITZE: I love how I said one of the most anime things I could think of
[12:10] MITZE: and of course it's in
[12:21] StNightmaer: there we go
[12:21] StNightmaer: game is winnable so it's fine gwarl

Cryomaniac June 14, 2022 14:13

There was a recent fix for the Touhou mod that might've fixed HP not regenerating in Linux build bug; can anyone confirm if it works? The server version still has that bug

backwardsEric June 14, 2022 20:05


Originally Posted by Cryomaniac (Post 158715)
There was a recent fix for the Touhou mod that might've fixed HP not regenerating in Linux build bug; can anyone confirm if it works? The server version still has that bug

It worked offline for me (Linux, character took 1 hp damage from a novice rogue and regenerated it shortly thereafter) while I didn't see regeneration before that change. You'll likely have to get Gwarl to recompile the version on to fix it there. My understanding is that he could also give you access so you could do the recompile when you update the code.

Cryomaniac June 14, 2022 20:16

There's still the issue of empty spaces not overwriting other characters on the terminal (which causes the broken UI); I doubt the .live version would be played while that issue persists.

Cryomaniac June 15, 2022 10:10

Merged the backwardsEric's pull request with color handling; can someone with Linux check if this fixes UI? According to chat on .live, it still existed in offline build

ster June 18, 2022 07:23


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 158705)
Hengband To(u)hou Katteban is on the webserver! Have some chat excerpts about it to mark the occasion!

backwardsEric June 18, 2022 20:39

So is that a screenshot of Hengband Touhou Katteban running on Running offline (macOS terminal) with the current master branch and a change that relaxes an 80 character limit in Term_wipe_gcu() and Term_text_gcu(), I'm not seeing similar issues. Has the version on been recompiled to reflect the recent changes on the master branch? Has the compiled version there incorporated changes to make it work better with

Cryomaniac June 18, 2022 20:54

I don't think the .live version has been updated.

Gwarl June 20, 2022 13:09

Just updated it. Seems be a lot more playable now (still not perfect).

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