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ekolis September 14, 2012 18:40

The docs don't seem to mention what Fencing proficiency does...

ekolis September 14, 2012 18:43

Also, why does my character not keep all the gold he finds? Leaving some for other heroes? :P

ekolis September 14, 2012 18:45

Tunneling through rubble never seems to work. Do I need a special weapon?

Mikko Lehtinen September 14, 2012 19:23

Tunneling through rubble should work always. Could you send me a savefile?

Templar's proficiencies are explained here.

Templar gives 2/3 of gold to the poor.

Michael Drinen September 14, 2012 23:20

I made my port the same way that Darin describes. Mine is also an intel mac running 10.6.8.

You can also run ./angband -mgcu to run a curses version!

Darin September 14, 2012 23:59


Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen (Post 72720)
Two "mac ports" available! They are both more like X11 ports for Mac than true OS X ports.

With no OS X knowledge at all I can guess that you may need to open a terminal, navigate to the Halls of Mist folder and type:

Thanks, guys!

Close. You need to open either the or, not a normal terminal. After that it is as you say, navigate to the Hall of Mists folder and type "./angband".

Scatha September 15, 2012 01:01

I've been playing a bit. I've generally enjoyed it, but some things have felt a little strange or mysterious.

I also encountered problems with tunnelling. Using 'T' didn't seem to do anything (and I think doesn't use a turn), but if I subsequently used ctrl-v to repeat the command it would tunnel for me.

Some other comments (in a code block to let me indent):

- I agree stripping out the incorrect documentation would be a good move.
  - Not having documentation is frustrating, but finding documentation you don't know is erroneous is really frustrating.
  - For instance I read something telling me I couldn't get experience in town
  - Was surprised to then level up!
- Similarly I agree with the proposal to rename the executable, if that's easy.
- Overall the dungeon generation feels pretty good!
  - the dungeon features are really pretty easy to grok (but I have read you writing about them, which might have helped)
  - The bookcases and armour racks feel really fun
  - tables get surprisingly big
      - On a similar note, could you have more than one table in a room?
      - Would feel natural, and I think tactically interesting
  - I like the little treasure rooms
  - The faerie portals seem odd, but interesting
  - I haven't worked out if bushes do anything except block sight and make movment hard
      - Similarly are trees different from rubble?
  - Does (s)earching do anything? It's listed in help, but it's never found me something I hadn't already seen.
  - Sometimes tripped over several altars per level when I didn't want them
      - and none over several levels when I did!
      - not enough data to conclude anything, but don't know if this level of apparent variance is desired.
  - The Circles seem fun, but pull a lot of complexity in early.
- I don't really understand how combat works
  - made it hard for me to know how to prioritise upgrading equipment versus buying consumables.
- Playing a Warrior I only ever died fighting uniques
  - at DL8-13, generally diving a fair proportion of the time because I could cope with everything else I met
  - May say more about my playstyle than anything about the game.
- My method for dealing with invisible creatures is to fight something else and take advantage of the extra attack you get
  - Something feels odd about this.
- I like the torches
- I like the dungeon descent rules
  - But are there any advantages to skipping a town break?
  - I guess it saves a few turns of your torch ...
- I'm not sure I could always tell the difference between different dungeon depths, though.
- The profiencies are a bit cryptic
  - even after reading your explanation and playing around with them a little I feel I only half understand them.
- Many of the monsters merged into each other
  - Most were "moves, easy to kill"
  - Some "doesn't move"
  - Some "Ranged attack"
  - A few dangerous ones! I wouldn't know until a couple of rounds of combat
  - May have led to me getting sloppy

Hmm, sorry if that was a little too much stream-of-consciousness. Just trying to record thoughts as they occur to me in case some of them are useful.

Good luck with the release!

Edit: to clarify, of course I don't expect to have anything of value to say about balance. But I think it's important to know what people's first impressions of a game are, too, so I'm sharing that.

Michael Drinen September 15, 2012 01:18


Originally Posted by Darin (Post 72752)
Close. You need to open either the or, not a normal terminal. After that it is as you say, navigate to the Hall of Mists folder and type "./angband".


Darin's description of of how he build is how I built my version and Mikko's description of how to run is what I've been doing to run. (I think that the story is that ./anband will start for you.)

Mikko Lehtinen September 15, 2012 02:45

Woke up in the middle of night. Ok, a bug in tunneling! I always use ctrl + direction to tunnel, it should work I hope?

ekolis September 15, 2012 05:03


Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen (Post 72759)
Woke up in the middle of night. Ok, a bug in tunneling! I always use ctrl + direction to tunnel, it should work I hope?

Dunno, I was using T and then a direction; it never gave any message indicating failure, but using repeat it never succeeded, either! I think it didn't even consume a turn! Is that what happened when you switched to using T instead of ctrl? I'll try using ctrl next time and see if that works...

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