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xorzac September 28, 2016 03:34

First time Sil winner!
After kiling God knows how many chars learning the game (manual?????? In game help???? The tutorial in the android version sucks, no offense). I still dont know 100% what will does!

Modeled him off wildkhanie, and my own trial and error. Main adds were whirlwind, flanking, dodging, and master hunter. I did the start stats 3/3/5/3, which I think helped too. I didnt have to spend a ton of xp on a con point. Momentum was nice with a fire scepter as off hand.

#1 on the ladder too! I tried for 9000 turns but couldnt escape fast enough. Got close though!

Morgoth was easy - song of slaying is too good! Massive crits early on. Rapid plus two hand - and getting +high 40's to hit? He needs more evasion!

Not bad though, #1 score with this and SAngband in 3 days. :-)

xorzac September 28, 2016 05:25

Horrors were the worst - had to avoid them mostly. And anything with their own private patch od darkness - true sight didnt work at all. Hardest uniques were the werewolf servant of morgoth and jaws.

One thing interesting is how it seems resists somewhat stack - after I got the conf/fear res under will, plus my armor, it became quite rare.

Game really needs more in game help or a manual for the android version. A steep learning curve and I learned mostly from studying the top ladder chars and trial and error.

Oh, and 6 melee/6 stealth is HARD! But worth it for opportunist.

wobbly September 28, 2016 08:16

Here's the online manual:

Should be able to get it on android if you have a pdf reader?

debo September 28, 2016 13:38

Everything about this post is amazing.

debo September 28, 2016 15:16

Also, Morgoth was buffed somewhat (in a pretty cool way!) in 1.2+. You should try one of the more recent versions sometime.

bron September 30, 2016 04:48


Originally Posted by xorzac (Post 113072)
anything with their own private patch od darkness - true sight didnt work at all

True Sight helps you see "invisible" monsters (e.g. Sulrako, cat assassins). The counter for darkness is light. Note that you can e.g. drop a Fenorian lamp on the ground in addition to the light you are wielding to increase the light level - it won't increase the radius of light, but rather the intensity within the lit area. (And also note that this doesn't work with torches or lanterns, only things that shine magically.)

But if you want to improve your speed on the ascent, the trick is to *not* fight most of the things you encounter, but just use Exchange Places and run for the stairs. You can't Exchange with a Grotesque or a Thorn bush, but I think everything else is ok. In particular, you *can* Exchange places with Morgoth (if you haven't killed him already), but you need to be careful to have enough HP to survive him hitting you (possibly twice). If you have enough Miruvor, I'd say don't bother fighting Carcharoth either: just drink a Con potion to buff your HP, a Quickness, open the door, Exchange Places, and run for the exit. You'll probably have to quaff a couple of Miruvor since you'll get hugely poisoned, but you'll save a lot of time. And while killing Carcharoth is satisfying, it doesn't increase your score, while getting out faster does.

xorzac September 30, 2016 23:36

OK, I thought jaws had to die. Will remember that! That easily would have saved 20 turns. Exchange places, didn't think of that one. I did avoid most fights, cat warriors are hard to avoid.

Oh, the throne room, after morgoth I needed more XP to get song of sharpness - that took a lot of turns too!

I'm pretty sure I can get down to 8500 or so now, with some luck. I can't do a later version unless one is available for Android? I have 1.1.1 for sil.

A beefed up morgoth would be nice!

xorzac October 1, 2016 00:33

Manual did help some. Controlled retreat I probably will add to my arsenal - the more free attacks the better. That's what made Xor so deadly. Lots of flanking and whirlwind. CR would help too, though can't do it and flank on same turn. But some enemies good to slug then retreat from.

XorII I will do this weekend and try for under 9k turns! Would be nice if someone else could try too, competition is fun! Like psi and wildkhanie had.

Also, I had suspicion on how critical hits worked, and I was close. I didn't know until morgoth though. I will have a better setup this time!

xorzac October 1, 2016 04:12

Trying a new one. About 200 turns ahead of old pace. Found butcher this time. Bast SW of doriath at 200ft is helping.

half October 1, 2016 13:44

Well done! I don't often have time to check the forums at the moment, but this was a nice surprise. First win, #1 on ladder, and without reading the manual. Wow!

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