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Gwarl February 5, 2022 19:59

To be perfectly fair I don't mind if we choose something else while there's no windows build.

wobbly February 5, 2022 20:47

I can build for windows if its not in the next few days and I'm allowed to be lazy about it.

Nick February 6, 2022 02:40


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 157431)
Composband 7.1.3 Dark Elf Hexblade ;)

So here's a plan:
  1. You put up a Compsband comp (you should still have access to the competition page, I assume) whenever you're ready;
  2. While that's running, I'll get V4.2.4 out and we can have a comp for that next.

Gwarl February 6, 2022 14:52

Here's a counter-offer;

I'm going away soon for a few weeks, and I want to wait for wobbly to make a windows build without rushing him; so I'll set up a hengband competition in the meantime and we'll pick the next competition based on whether we we have a windows build for composband or an angband release.

clouded February 6, 2022 17:06

Nice try Nick, but Gwarl is a slippery fellow.

wobbly February 6, 2022 18:24

Alternatively we could have a composband comp

for the windows binary. You might have to play around with the font setting if it looks blurry.

Also Gwarl, it'd be easier to compile if the relevant files weren't called frogcomposband.rc and frogcomposband.res

Nick February 6, 2022 21:13

This is like a game of chicken.

Gwarl February 7, 2022 00:05

There we go - Hengband competition. Now nobody has to make a new one for another 3 weeks.

Estie February 10, 2022 01:25

If it is still in the cards, I have a randart set with a good lance. The starting money of a gnome paladin is 3 gold short of being able to buy a lance; how an ironman gnome can survive with nothing but a lance (and a food ration which is in the inventory despite starting money option), I dont know.

Pete Mack February 10, 2022 01:44

You can trade stats for gold. Nevertheless, ironman hobbit with lance is an unlikely challenge.

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