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Nick June 6, 2022 13:57


Originally Posted by Cryomaniac (Post 158621)
What should I do with the prepared savefile?

You can zip it and post it here, or email it to me (nckmccnnll at Google's mail service :)).

Also, think about what you want the win condition to be - standard is fastest winner (in turns), or if no winner max XP/turns. Given Henglikes usually use actual play time, you may want to do that; we can ask pav to set it up so the ladder order works correctly (and hopefully that will be possible).

Cryomaniac June 6, 2022 14:05

Sent an email with zipped savefile attached.

EDIT: On topic of victory conditions, I'll take the standard 'fastest winner' - with real play time taken into account, if possible.

Another important moment here: This mod has a bonus boss - defeating it marks you as '*TRUEWINNER*' instead of '***WINNER***'; the ladder should properly recognize those characters as winners as well, and if it's possible, they should be placed higher than ordinary winners. ToME 2.x.x already had a similar 'bonus boss' concept - does the ladder recognized victorious void-divers?

bron June 7, 2022 05:23

Regarding the "consistent randarts" versus "playing on" problem. For Vanilla at least, it seems like it should be a fairly simple mod (easy for me to say) to get the game to optionally accept the randart seed number as input at the character creation screen, which should allow the people to generate the same set of randarts.

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