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PaulBlay March 15, 2009 21:38


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 16840)
They don't take more than 2 hours with the current main-crb.c, though the makefile is a bit of a pain for non-portable builds. (ie: and/or makefile.src is not present)

If you do, then send it on to me so I can send it to iks (or just pm iks for his email address). My email is blay.paul AT

(I don't know why I bother spam trapping the address - I've got 484 emails waiting to be auto-deleted in gmail's spam folder :confused: )

Donald Jonker March 15, 2009 22:31

Oooh I hadn't realized Tinyband was a variant of Hengband...need to read more good. I suppose Xangband must be as well. I'll be checking it out directly.

Nick March 16, 2009 11:09


Originally Posted by Daniel Fishman (Post 16729)
My first thought is that, with four rogues* and a warrior in the last five competitions, it's probably time for a spellcaster.

Maybe next time...

PaulBlay March 16, 2009 11:25


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 16855)
Maybe next time...

Oh, yes. I forgot about that post. ^ ^;

iks thought that Warrior would be the best choice for a variant you're playing for the first time.

Nick January 21, 2011 04:01

Competition 98
OK, I'm doing a bit of thread necromancy here because I want to make it a regular thing to discuss the next comp beforehand, and this thread already has some useful info in it. I'll ask pav to make it sticky.

The current comp has a few days to run, and I'm intending to have another V comp for 99. The obvious choices for 98 are RePos or Cheng, and I'd appreciate a savefile. My email is included at least twice in this thread...

Sirridan January 21, 2011 06:43

I'll get back to you with a re-pos file, but I'd be interested in Chengband too :D

dos350 January 21, 2011 07:03

hi , please turn on stairs in competition~ thanks .. eeeee

Timo Pietilš January 21, 2011 07:42


Originally Posted by dos350 (Post 47278)
hi , please turn on stairs in competition~ thanks .. eeeee

So that you could stair-scum because you have no skill to play game othewise? I don't think that would happen.

dos350 January 25, 2011 16:06

please no rage, i like stair scum, ee~ i think its good time.. if u dont, please dont do it... ???

Derakon January 25, 2011 18:29

The entire point of a competition is to put everyone on an even footing. If you stairscum and the rest of us don't, then you get an unfair advantage. Going with disconnected stairs simply obviates that issue by ensuring that nobody can stairscum.

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