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PaulBlay February 5, 2009 09:49

Creating maps and other questions.
Here, and the ToMEnet forum ( ) appear to be rather quiet, so I've taken the liberty of posting in both locations.

================================================== ===

What I'm trying to do is create an alternative starting town for ToME. Characters should be able to choose which town to start at - Bree or (now) Umbar. I want something that can be patched onto the current, standard, ToME module (barring other conflicting patches).

Umbar is a 'darker' town than Bree, near the northmost reach of Harad, south of Gondor with corsairs (pirates). It would be more suitable for darker character classes and races than Bree is.

At the moment I'm after
- Map editors
- Map tutorials
- How to use '' and 'towns.lua'.
and such like stuff.

One point I'm unclear on is what, exactly, is a TOWN_HOT_SPOT and how should it be used.

PaulBlay February 5, 2009 15:45

Here's another few questions.

The '' includes a bunch of towns (like Pelargir) but they are not detailed in the 'towns' directory (or anywhere else that I can see). Are they enterable? Randomly generated?

Also is it possible to extend the size of the world map downwards without
any trouble?

Finally (for this time) where is the starting town set as Bree?

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