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TJA August 20, 2007 17:01

Review: Portralis


mkdir PortralisSrc
cd PortralisSrc
unzip ../
cd src

Please note, that does NOT contain a top-folder - it will extract right where you are (what is a Bad Thing)!

Then, edit two files: Makefile and config.h

Enable this instead of the default-line in Makefile:
CFLAGS = -Wall -O1 -pipe -g -D"USE_GCU"
LIBS = -lncurses

Note: -ltermcap simply does NOT work - although the library is installed!
Very strange ...

Uncomment line in config.h:

Lots and lots of warnings - without any end in sight!
BUT: Compiles!

Final Error:

util.o(.text+0x161): In function `path_temp':
/home/archive/RogueLike/MAINTAINED/Portralis/PortralisSrc/src/util.c:284: warning: the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'

Output is called "testing" :-O


make install
cd ..
mv testing portralis

Works, but needs knowledge of what to change and is a bit dangerous because of the missing top-folder.

First opinion: It asks too much questions that cannot be answered with <Return>

TJA August 20, 2007 18:13

Note: Portralis is the only of the Variants reviewed, that allows for persistent dungeon levels.

Variaz August 21, 2007 18:01

Thanks for trying my variant, and I apologize if you had difficulties with the source code. Yes, the source code is not very nice right now, and due to me lacking platforms to test out various ports, it can be a bit hard to compile under Linux. And yes, there's tons of warnings, mainly because when I began coding(a while back when it was still NewAngband), I made multiple functions that were flawed. Now, I try to be more careful, but I haven't really taken the time to modify what already exists, preferring to focus on gameplay and features rather than code cleaning.

But yes, I understand that the compilation should be easier, and the source code could be a lot cleaner.

Also, if you're going to review Portralis, keep in mind that though it's very playable, I still consider it beta, and A LOT of stuff is left to be done, so don't be surprised if, for example, one of the major towns seems empty. That's because it's not completed yet. ;) Also, only one major town is made, so the game is 20% complete you could say. But there's a nasty boss at the end, so you should still have fun!

TJA August 21, 2007 18:29

Nice to see you here :)

Why did you choose not to use a *band name for your variant?
At first i thought it to not be based on Angband ...

Try to get this "Portralis Maintainer" into your Account here :)

I will soon write more!
Thanx for your nice ideas in Portralis!

Variaz August 21, 2007 18:38

Well, originally, it was NewAngband. But the current version changed SO MUCH, and since it has a world of it's own that has nothing do to with Tolkien's Angband, well, I thought renaming it would be more interesting.

At this point, I consider Portralis a variant of NewAngband. ;) A variant of my own variant. ;)

PS: How do I change my title to Portralis Maintainer?

TJA August 21, 2007 19:41

I think, an Admin needs to do that for you ...

Bandobras August 25, 2007 14:44

A followup by another Linux user.

I've tried make -f makefile.lin, but after tons of warnings I've got


make: *** No rule to make target `cmd7.c', needed by `cmd7.o'.  Stop.
BTW, MAKEFILE.ORG is almost identical to makefile.lin.

However, just 'make' compiles without problems for me, and then src/testing runs OK (under X11, I don't use curses, because they falsify colors).

Edit: how do I enable big screen support?

export ANGBAND_X11_COLS_0=80
export ANGBAND_X11_ROWS_0=50

do not seem to work and neither does -mx11 -- -b.

export ANGBAND_X11_FONT_0="-adobe-courier-bold-r-normal-*-25-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1"

works OK, so that I can acutally see the letters on my 1600x1200 screen...

Daven_26d1 August 25, 2007 16:47


Originally Posted by Bandobras (Post 2301)
However, just 'make' compiles without problems for me...

For most variants, "make install" actually just moves the binary up one level into the main folder; I guess it will do quite a lot more for a multiuser install.

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