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Maq April 7, 2015 13:08

It's taken me nearly 30 years to write this: YAWP!
I've been playing this game on and off since someone gave me a copy of Moria on a 5.25" floppy back in 1987. It was a weirdly busted copy - only the first 2 spellbooks worked for mages for example - and I never did particularly well at it, but it got its hooks into me. Back then there was no internet to go to for advice and so I always played the way my friend advised me to: diving slowly, clearing out each level.

So over the years I'd potter around with Angband and Zangband and other variants, always losing my character well before level 40 due to stupidity or impatience or tiredness or drunkenness. Always playing the game exactly wrong.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I finally, finally grokked what everyone had been telling me and unlearnt those bad habits ingrained over 25 years ago, and today I finally cracked it:

Apologies if I've broken protocol with this post I'm just too damn excited. I've wanted to be able to post this since it was

edit: Ah, I see there's a place for dumps. I'll go fix that now.

Thraalbee April 7, 2015 13:22

Congrats! Nice win and kit.
Please for the next win, consider making a dump before wielding Grond and the Crown and posting that in the ladder, it is generally of more interest to see your stats as they were during the final fight than with Morgoth's stuff.

Raajaton April 7, 2015 13:24

Congrats!!! Such a great feeling isn't it? Assuming you still have the itch to play, there are a lot of really interesting changes in the newer versions. 4.0 is still a work in progress if you feel like beta testing, however if you're looking for the most recent polished release, 3.5.1 is absolutely fantastic.

Nick April 7, 2015 13:35

Congratulations! That's a nice speed ring...

Maq April 7, 2015 13:58

Yeah, I should have posted without wearing the Morgoth kit but dammit I was too excited at the time. For the record it was Aiglos and the Golden Crown of Gondor I was wearing for the win.

Have installed 3.5.1 for my next run but am still trying to get solid walls working again =/

Derakon April 7, 2015 14:41

Congratulations on your win, and welcome to the forums. :)

MadeOfBees April 30, 2015 15:58

Well played sir. My first win was on Moria, and basically on accident, the Balrog wouldnt fuck off. Ive never won on Angband, I always get distracted by "Stuff"

desstorm May 3, 2015 22:15


Sounds like my story too. Just won after reaching the age of 40.

Seems booze and inpatience are killers :P

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