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khyung April 21, 2016 16:15

Inventory not full but additional item rejected
1) Under what circumstances can no additional items be added to character inventory, even though the inventory is not full?

My hT-warrior cleared DL80 with a greater vault holding many artifacts and rare items. In V, the maximum inventory is 23 items (a-w). Yet the warrior cannot carry more than 22 items. Apparently the 23rd slot cannot be filled by any item in the dungeon.

Weight is not a limitation in this case. The hT-warrior has many slots filled with ammunition, binned into packets of 40 as usual. Yet the 23rd slot cannot be filled weapon, armor, staff, wand, etc. Why is the inventory stuck at 22 slots instead of allowing a 23rd slot? Is this a software bug or are there additional constraints?

2) How can ammunition be reordered? To minimize the number of slots taken by ammunition, I want to the ammunition with the fewest pieces to occupy quiver slots 0--9.

Because the hT-warrior is carrying more than 10 distinct types (quiver slots 0--9) of ammunition, the additional ammunition are forced into additional slots even though the first first ten ammunition types do not fill the packet of 40. These additional ammunition type each take up a distinct slot, rather than squeeze into packet of 40.

Ingwe Ingweron April 21, 2016 16:36

Without a character dump, it's hard to say, but I'd guess it's that you have more than one quiver. Across all quivers, @ can only hold 10 total types of ammunition (slots 0 through 9) and a single quiver can only hold a maximum of 40 missiles. A quiver takes up one slot of inventory, if you go over 40 missiles, than a second inventory slot is taken up, over 80, a third slot, etc. Even with three quivers though, you can still only carry 10 total types of missiles.

Ammunition is automatically ordered by some "power" formula (I don't know precisely the formula), ignoring slays, with the weakest ammo carried first. To reorder the ammunition, use inscriptions. I tend to inscribe all ammo that I want to keep with =g (for automatically pick-up without asking) so I can retrieve the missiles quickly. I used to also add to the =g inscription an inscription of @f0, or @f1, or @f2, etc. This will order your ammo in the quiver as you see fit. Now, though, I don't bother with anything but the =g and occasionally with @f0=g to shove weaker missiles in the first slot if I don't like the automatic allocation.

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