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Fnord October 18, 2017 04:11

PCB - how to use auto-travel
I don't have the key for that on my keyboard (it's modified). What do I need to set up to get that to work with another key?

HugoTheGreat2011 October 18, 2017 04:27

What does auto-travel do?

EpicMan October 18, 2017 15:56

I assume he means run. Can you use Shift + direction?

wobbly October 18, 2017 16:16

or . + direction?

Fnord October 18, 2017 16:23

No, running is fine. It's what you can use to travel to stores from the list, or to items from the item list. Looks like ' - only slightly tilted.

CyclopsSlayer October 18, 2017 18:36

There is auto-travel?

Fnord October 18, 2017 19:13

Yes, there has been for a while. E.g.

Here, ` is the key I'm refering to that I want to rebind.

wobbly October 18, 2017 19:27

I've got a user preference file called test.txt

with this at the bottom


# *Warning!* The lines above are an automatic dump.
# Don't edit them; changes will be deleted and replaced automatically.
# ^^^^^^^== Macro Dump ==^^^^^^^ (373)

The warning is interesting as I ignored it & my changes weren't automatically replaced.

wobbly October 18, 2017 19:46

Probably should explain that a little better. I created a macro binding f1 to a, saved the user preference file, looked for f1 & a changed a to ` which you should be able to do by copy, paste from your browser, reloaded the save & it worked. I don't actually know what I'm doing, so take no responsibility for your computer blowing up. :)

Fnord October 18, 2017 20:05

Works! Great, thanks wobbly!!

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