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Goldbug July 12, 2011 10:34

Starting an Ironman game
Is it just me, or do Squint-eyed Rogues and Mean-looking Mercenaries just make starting an Ironman game more trouble than it's worth?

I've been trying to start an IM game with Dwarven Priests, as I've heard they're the easiest IM build. I've also heard that it's best to save up for Priest book 3 before hitting the stairs, and I've been trying to do that by waiting for Farmer Maggot and buying a ?ID in order to sell what he drops. But 9 times out of ten a whole bunch of Mean-looking Mercenaries spawn and chase me around town until I'm surrounded and they kill me. Does anyone actually find that fun? Am I missing something here?

/got one @ down to dlvl 10, and it was fun, but since that one character's death I've spent over an hour trying and failing to get another guy even down the first staircase

Antoine July 12, 2011 11:21

Try playing Ironband?


buzzkill July 12, 2011 13:10

First keystroke, press >. Enjoy. You might not win, but DL10 is achievable and you get an hour of your life back (or waste many more pending success).

bulian July 12, 2011 16:24

I might suggest a HE ranger as an alternative. Just buy arrows, 99 if you can, and MB1. CLW is more than sufficient for a long time as far as healing goes.

The reason for PB3 is to get orb of draining at CL9. You can also try reduced stats to increase your starting money. Alternatively, just give yourself 500 AU or PB3 using debug mode.

To answer your other questions, if I ever made a variant, the first thing I would do would be to remove town inhabitants. They are annoying and add very little if anything to the game.

Also if you start with no selling you get no gear but slightly increased AU which might help. Just get 3-5 torches, PB1, PB3, and 3-5 food.

PowerDiver July 12, 2011 18:32

It's a challenge game, not a boredom game, so choose your challenge level according to what you want. If you want to start with the first 3 spellbooks, change the prices in object.txt so that you can afford them without town scumming. If you post to the ladder, note any changes first thing in your comment.

UglySquirrell July 17, 2011 06:32

If you don't want the rogues, waking up try a Kobold priest. Less hitpoints, 2 less wisdom, but more dexterity, stealth and poison resistance. Finding wisdom gear is pretty easy, and poison resistance in Ironman is a really big help.

fph July 17, 2011 16:01

When I was playing ironman priests, one year ago more or less, (I suggest shortening it to "iPriest", assuming Jobs hasn't copyrighted it yet :D), it was possible to get PB3 in the starting kit just by selling most of your useless stuff, including downgrading to a cheaper weapon, without need to scum for Farmer Maggot. Has something changed?

I considered scumming for Maggot in the town, too, but it was too boring, so I eventually gave up. Mercenaries and veterans are a PitA for every CLVL1 character, so there's nothing ironman-specific here.

@bulian: other hints for HE iRangers?

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