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tangar August 16, 2019 13:16

Angband: big size font for UI
Angband (roguelike): big size font for UI

Recently I've started to play Angband (my stream) and noticed that it's got very tiny fonts (for my bad vision). At first I didn't figured out how to change it to big ones (as when I tried to do it via menu - it glitched), but then I've understood how to make it properly.

The thing is that "TileWid=.." and "TileHgt=.." in angband.INI (config file) should have the same values as your font size. Then everything works :)

So I wanna present my fonts for Angband, which I drew myself. To get them work you need to download them and put to ..\lib\fonts folder and then register them via config file or via game options menu.


I use this font for 1920x1080 with 150% Windows scaling.

How its looks like:

Have fun!

If Angband devs like this font, I'll be glad if it would be included to Angband package. It's already included to TomeNET, PWMA, MAng. Actually there are not only font, but 1-bit graphical tileset with 23 size variants of this font, but all of them optimized for TomeNET. Maybe in time I'll optimize it for Angband too :)

PopTart January 21, 2020 23:13

The font looks great! How does one make one for VANILLA Angband?? I have asked and asked. I tried font programs, modifying existing .fon files, but it never works out.

I will look through more of your videos and experiment with Fony. I have been trying to save my .FON file in different ways with FontForge. No luck. When I open your files and resave them with FontForge, they don't work in Angband.

PopTart January 22, 2020 05:01

Success! I found a workaround. I load the included 16x16x.fon file into Fony, paste in glyphs from other fonts, and PRESTO EZPZ I can play Angband in any font.

Thanks so much for your tutorials and introducing me to Fony!

Pete Mack January 22, 2020 05:22

I have congratulated tangar on his font development for ToME. But not for this one. I love the < > replacements that look more explicitly like stairs. Replacing @ with a human figure is clever too.

tangar January 22, 2020 19:54

Great! :D I'm very happy that you find it useful, friends!

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