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Estragon December 12, 2019 18:29

Ironman necro
Had some fun with necromancers in the nightlies, so decided to give randart ironman a shot:
Made for an interesting game - reached character level 24 before finally finding the second necro book. As usual, randarts giveth, and randarts taketh away; got some early immunities, but struggled with rNether, since it frequently appeared with a light bonus.

Sauron was a piece of cake with disenchant, did very little to be a threat. Morgoth was tougher, but not overly challenging - despite my mediocre strength, vampire form proved powerful enough to almost keep pace with Morgoth's damage, requiring only very occasional use of consumables.

Sofia24 December 23, 2019 23:58

I think it's cool, too, but I know I'm new at this, so maybe later I can have more confidence to talk about it.

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