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Sphara May 10, 2020 13:12

Ar-Pharazon the Merciful
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"Let this be a lesson"

- Ar-Pharazon the Merciful (previously Golden)

tangar May 10, 2020 13:14

Great :D I love such episodes, gives some special roguelikish flavour which you won't meet in other games

Nick May 10, 2020 15:09

That could not be more perfect.

fph May 10, 2020 22:18

What caused the "You can learn 2 more spells" message?

Sphara May 10, 2020 22:58


Originally Posted by fph (Post 145357)
What caused the "You can learn 2 more spells" message?

I saved and took a pause immediately after Spharazon teleported me. That message is just me returning to the game.

PowerWyrm May 11, 2020 09:03

I still remember a game in TomeNET where my character went into Mordor without FA and got paralyzed by some ghouls. While waiting for the character to be paralyzed to death, a nexus vortex came around the corner, breathed nexus (which the character didn't resist either) and got a mercyful teleport level up back to the safety of the town...

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