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Nick July 17, 2020 00:50

Roguelike Celebration
Since 2016 the Roguelike Celebration has been held in approximately October each year at the Github offices in San Francisco. This year it will be a virtual event, which means it's actually feasible for me to attend it.

So I'm thinking I should present in some way - but what? My current thought is a really brief historical intro to Angband followed by a Q+A session. Anyone else care to offer an opinion?

fizzix July 17, 2020 02:34

I think that would be nice. I would also mention a little of Angband's design philosophy which is somewhat unique in the roguelike world.

Gwarl July 17, 2020 13:41

I think design 'philosophy' is a red herring, but angband has some design characteristics.

Non-persistent levels, the town, infinite resources, monsters that can one-shot you, these are the things that separate angband from other roguelikes in terms of gameplay. The ultimate result is that you have permission to dive.

bio_hazard July 22, 2020 01:25

Hasn't a history of Angband has already been presented there? Doesn't mean it can't be done again, and I'm sure it would be different given your perspective.

I feel like you could talk quite a bit about your role and the decisions you made as maintainer in 4.0-4.2 etc. How do you update something that people are drawn to as a classic?

Nick July 22, 2020 01:41

Unfortunately this has all become academic, as I missed the deadline...

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