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dasada122 October 6, 2009 14:36

New Member
Hello. About 4 years ago, I found Angband, and have enjoyed it immensely. I always assumed it was a dead project. It seems I was wrong. What all has happened in *band since 2006?

ekolis October 6, 2009 16:43

Let's see... version's up to 3.1.1 now, with some radical (some might say drastic) changes thanks to takkaria, the current maintainer... there was actually another maintainer before him but after Robert Reuhlmann, I forget his name, but he kinda disappeared shortly after taking over, so takkaria took over from him...

On the variant scene, several new variants have appeared (FA, DAJ, Z+, etc.), while others have fallen by the wayside (Z, NPP, O, etc.)

Also, ports have appeared for newer platforms such as mobile devices, while ports for archaic OS's have been all but dropped...

I suppose you thought thangorodrim was the official Angband homepage? Yeah, I could easily see you thinking the project was dead if you only visited there! ;) Someone really needs to go and update that page to point here... that thing hasn't been touched since the days of Robert Reuhlmann!

unsmokiness November 2, 2009 11:42

i have heard about this forum, that s because i m here, for first time. :cool:Hello...

DrWho42 October 16, 2019 03:52

hello dasada122! welcome to :)

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