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kansas guy February 10, 2008 14:47

i've never personally met another person (outside of my brother) that has played angband. i was somehow introduced to moria when i was 8 or 9 years old (1990-91ish)when my mom obtianed it (through some sort of shareware mail-order program or something) for the amiga 2000 computer she had. it had no hard disk, the game was loaded from a floppy every time i wanted to play it, there was no save. for quite a long time my best charater was something like a level 9 dwarf warrior, something stupid killed him. then the computer was replaced with a macintosh LC II. no moria for a couple of years...... then it was obtained once again, and shortly there after angband. have played it off and on since then. have never won, always enjoyed it.

Karzack February 10, 2008 16:04

I live in SE Nebraska and it seems that I'm the only one around that even knows what a roguelike is. No one around here knows the enjoyment these games bring. I'm sure there is someone, but I have yet to meet them.

pav February 11, 2008 16:37

I once met a guy in the pub who was an Angband vet. We talked several hours straight about our tactics, our previous games and stuff. Must have been a real drag for the other people at our table :)

myron February 11, 2008 18:02

I've personally introduced more people to angband and variants than people I've met who know what it is...

was first introduced to roguelikes in fall/winter '84 on the OU Vax with Moria...found angband in 1996 and been playing since...

for quite awhile I did MacPPC compiles...for Eyangband, Drangband and a few others. Once the base got too far away from the 2.8.3 makefiles I gave up compiling...didn't have the time or desire to code dive to get things to work, but I still love to play...

Scot Meyer

Bandobras February 11, 2008 18:53


Originally Posted by myron (Post 5484)
Scot Meyer

Nice to meet you. Hmm, not the one of Civlization, by any chance?

myron February 11, 2008 19:38


Originally Posted by Bandobras (Post 5486)
Nice to meet you. Hmm, not the one of Civlization, by any chance?


Bandobras February 11, 2008 19:46


Originally Posted by myron (Post 5488)

Sorry. Oh, well, not this time. But they will all come to Angband one day...

DrWho42 October 16, 2019 03:47

welcome to the forum kansas guy! :D

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