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rsi April 6, 2014 00:24

SN points
HP and SP are obvious. What is SN? Can't find any info about what it is in any of the help files. I thought it was something related to skills, but still not sure. Mine is shown in yellow. Something has decreased it from the max, whatever it is.

HugoTheGreat2011 April 6, 2014 00:42

SN refers to Sanity, which is the marker for how "sane" your character is. When SN decreases, you have increased chances of getting joke names for all monsters in sight. However, if your SN hits negative, your character dies, just like what happens when HP hits negative.

Hope this helps.

Derakon April 6, 2014 00:43

Sanity. Lost sanity manifests mostly in that you occasionally get silly combat messages, but lose it all and you turn into a brainless vegetable (i.e. die). There are potions that restore it, but they aren't especially common. Raising your WIS should raise your sanity cap, I believe.

fph April 6, 2014 12:21

Basically, it's another "if this becomes 0, you die" stat in addition to life. There are only a few monsters that decrease it, so it does not matter very often even much later in the game.

It does not regenerate like life or mana; look out for potions to restore it. I believe Mindcrafters have a spell to cure it, too, but it's a while since I last played ToME2.

debo April 6, 2014 13:41

You would probably need to have low SN to want to play ToME in the first place

Therem Harth April 6, 2014 19:39

Mindcrafters do not have a spell to cure it. Which is good from a game balance standpoint (since Mindcrafters are already way too awesome), and bad from every other standpoint.

Personally I think it's redundant (with INT, WIS, status effects, etc.) and also non-obvious. Never mind cheesy.

AnonymousHero April 10, 2014 14:32

I think we can all agree that it's a pretty stupid stat. Now, if it caused random hallucination (of individual monster appearance, not the general effect), and caused (r)ead commands to become (q)uaff, and vice versa... it would still be a stupid idea. Probably.

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