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tangar March 17, 2015 14:19

[live Video] Everyday's live streams @ TomeNet

I started stream TomeNet in English at my youtube channel. I'm streaming live in English everyday at 22:00 (+3 UTC):

Also I stream TomeNet everyday in Russian at 21:00 at

A bit about me:
My name is Tangar (Igroglaz aka GameGlaz aka GameEye) and I am head of Stream Guild — russian community of streamers. Our goals:
1) interesting daily streams
2) looking for talanted guys and helping new streamers
3) developing streamers community in Russia
Also I got russian speaking youtube channel - , where I talk about online games. I've made review of TomeNet in Russian:

Also I've made some TomeNet guides in Russian:

Please come at our live streams :) Cya!

tangar September 21, 2015 13:52

I figured out how to run TomeNet in "big font" mode (via VirtualBox, check the guide at TomeNet forum) and it's really comforting to play it now!

So... I'm continuing live streams of TomeNet @ GlazGame channel

Our yesterday live steam "There and Back Again":

debo September 21, 2015 14:38

This is pretty cool!

tangar September 26, 2015 12:35

Thanks :) I'm live streaming everyday, but I don't post new videos there (too lazy :P ).

I'm writing Russian guide to TomeNet (today I finished pages about feelings and traps - )

My last stream was quite hot... Ancient Black Dragon vs 31 rogue. I rewinded to certain moment my loong stream:

PowerWyrm September 28, 2015 12:33

You should do more teamwork vids. That's how you will show how a multiplayer roguelike game really works. The perfect team would be one melee character, one priest devoted to healing, one archer and one spellcaster. The only problem is to find three other players that can play simultaneously for some time and keep the vid entertaining (one hour of scumming 50/100ft killing molds would be really boring).

tangar September 29, 2015 20:39

Yep, I'm gathering party slowly :) Wanna join? :)

PowerWyrm September 30, 2015 13:20


Originally Posted by tangar (Post 104929)
Yep, I'm gathering party slowly :) Wanna join? :)

Sure, I'm usually logged around 7pm or 11pm (GMT+1) for an hour or so. Just let me know then when you're doing a party dive.

tangar October 1, 2015 20:27

PowerWyrm, I've sent you PM :)


Yeasterday I login to make quick run around Mirkwood.. it was huge mistake to go to play TomeNet when you are sleepy and tired... HELL!

tangar October 4, 2015 14:54

Yestarday we had Master Mindcrafter epic battle, Grave of master lich & and stinky pit full of dragons:

tangar October 6, 2015 16:35


It was my best char yet, managed to get to lvl 36. Was quite careful. Instadeath :)

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