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Incandenza November 6, 2018 23:26

Graphics Question!
Hey all!

The fool is back with yet another question!

Are there ASCII graphic effects for spells that I’m missing? I seem to remember vanilla Angband having this, but in ToME I don’t see anything when I hit mobs with fireflash, noxious cloud, etc.

Am I missing something that can be toggled or is this the way it is?

Playing 2.3.5 on OSX!

Thanks again for any info!


Pete Mack November 6, 2018 23:30

Yes, there are spell effects, but they are invisible if your gfx delay is set too short.

Derakon November 6, 2018 23:56

So hit '=' to bring up the options, then select the delay factor, and set it to 2 or 3.

Incandenza November 7, 2018 00:25

Thank you!! That’s awesome.

Very much appreciated!

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