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Holy_Rage October 28, 2017 12:58


Originally Posted by Sideways (Post 125406)
Holy_Rage, who started this thread, got his priest to DL99 (in Morgoth-ready shape) with essentially no melee at all.

It was slow and arduous, but it felt safe. I have no idea how the build would have fared against Morgoth. From the end result though, the build was proven to be -not- safe. Or rather, perhaps the build was safe, but my playing of it was not good. (latter probably truer than the former, I doubt there is any kind of safe mode within Angband)

wobbly October 28, 2017 15:02

It was fine, you just managed to swap out rpoison. Not sure whether you didn't notice or you thought you were fine without it. I've done stuff like that, find something awesome & only later realize something crucial was in that slot.

Pete Mack October 28, 2017 17:36

Going against M without rPoison (or some other important resist) is plausible. You just have to make sure that you teleport away any summoned monsters that breathe the element in question before it gets a chance.
But it only makes sense for really fast divers who are having trouble scraping together a winning combination. Otherwise, it's better to cover the whole.

PowerWyrm October 30, 2017 08:06

Frankly you can go after Morgoth naked, provided you got the hps, damage and speed to beat him. Once I won with a character, and only after I posted the dump here I realized I didn't even have FA for the fight and my saving throw was not even 100%.

Pete Mack October 30, 2017 14:08

Yep. I've done it (once) without rElec, though I did have temporary resist.

kandrc October 31, 2017 01:23

I did it just last week with everything but nexus and nether, but only +15 base speed and 8 !speed. Was having really bad luck with speed drops, but didn't feel like grinding.

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