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Petoften August 13, 2018 03:40

Is getting the feeling about the treasure based on number of squares travelled, or number of turns so I can just move back and forth waiting?

Petoften August 13, 2018 03:46

Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings didn't sound so bad at 1300 xp, but 3 arrows were shrugged off (not sure if that means no damage or little), then two of my few 5,7 arrows were shrugged off also and finally he took one star damage. So I guess it means little damage. But yet another unique probably too hard, I'd have to do a lot of phase door/speed/use my good arrows etc.

Ingwe Ingweron August 13, 2018 03:53


Originally Posted by Petoften (Post 132791)
Is getting the feeling about the treasure based on number of squares travelled, or number of turns so I can just move back and forth waiting?

There are 100 "feeling squares" randomly distributed across the level, and @ must see at least 10 of them to get the treasure feeling. Standing in place and resting (or simply moving back and forth, as you suggest) will get you nowhere closer to a level feeling.

Pete Mack August 13, 2018 04:04

Yes. You are hitting a wall because your bow sucks. It is about the weakest possible bow you could have--essentially an enchanted longbow. A longbow of power would be doing about 50% more damage. An artifact bow would be doing at least 140 damage per turn, and 200 with enchanted ammo.

Petoften August 13, 2018 05:08

It's weird, the damage from my melee weapon went down from about 68 to 41, without any changes I'm aware of why (weapon stats are the same).

I found a ring of STR +5, it lowers damage even more (to 35), but does get rid of encumberance removing a current +1 penalty to speed for the bow.

Petoften August 13, 2018 05:30

Man, the levels are just nasty. Just ran into the balrog of Moria (didn't Gandalf kill him?), 48k exp, and fought a rather interesting approach - no way wanting to deal with him, he was at the corner of a long L corridor filled with mobs on both legs.

I shot them all one by one up to him, then walked up next to him and started on the next leg.

Finally he woke up and I TO'd him. Next room: Smaug the golden is back.


Petoften August 13, 2018 05:31

Darn, I thought it was a good bow with (16,11). Haven't seen another nearly as good.

fph August 13, 2018 07:36

Teleporting away a monster wakes it up, and a dungeon with a guaranteed dangerous monster awake and walking around is, in general, less safe than a new level. So unless you have important business to do on this level (read: major loot to pick up), you are safer if you hit the reset button by taking the closest stairs (or reading a ?recall).

Petoften August 13, 2018 12:55

I found a ring of CON +5 - not using it, but how should it be used - should I put it on when about to level up for more HP?

Petoften August 13, 2018 13:02

An amulet of trickery looks nice; but it's 119K gold and I have 11K.

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