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Grotug November 3, 2013 18:41

Found a potion of Constitution on Level 2
I found an oily potion on level 2. I had a feeling it might be a good one, but didn't want to buy an expensive scroll of identify (I was only a level 7 and trying to save up money). So I sell the nice vial for 12 gold to find out what it is.

MattB November 4, 2013 12:25

[snigger] - sorry!

Yes, it's usually best to ID by sell scrolls and potions that you've collected two or more of.

Commiserations on your loss.

(You could always slay enough merchants and drunks to buy it back ;))

PowerWyrm November 4, 2013 12:37

What version was it? If it's a recent one, you have no interest of selling potions to shops, since there aren't any "bad" potions anymore. You can get confused, poisoned or paralyzed, just quaff it in town when there are no townies around to discover the flavor. If it's something like boldness or slow poison and you don't discover the effect immediately, then you can sell the next one (marked {tried}) to the shops.

Narvius November 4, 2013 13:13

What about unwanted stat swappers like !Brawn?

Derakon November 4, 2013 14:48


Originally Posted by Narvius (Post 86286)
What about unwanted stat swappers like !Brawn?

If you're unlucky enough to hit one of those before you start IDing everything manually, then oh well; losing a point in a valued stat is not a gamekiller.

Estie November 4, 2013 20:26

!Brawn is the only stat swapper that is never unwelcome. Strange that it should be picked for the example.

While hitting on an early swap potion doesnt ruin the character, once I get to the depth where stat swappers start appearing I switch to id by device for potions (and scrolls).

Narvius November 4, 2013 22:23

My mage very much doesn't want to risk losing a point of Int if (s)he can avoid it; but I pretty much ID-by-use potions anyways, as well, so I'm only technically complaining.

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