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MITZE February 24, 2017 19:10

UnAngband Comp
I've tried playing a fair few games with the newest version, though I didn't post any characters to the ladder; mostly I played spellstealing rogues specialized in dual-wielding, and aside from throwing working rather less than expected (I can't tell whether throwing is broken in some way or if my characters have just been bad at it), that particular character type seems to play fine.

I'll probably try out some other combinations and relay the results here before next comp.

debo February 24, 2017 23:47


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 118476)
I'll probably try out some other combinations and relay the results here before next comp.

Thank you!

HallucinationMushroom February 25, 2017 17:22


Originally Posted by debo (Post 118460)
The last un comp we did was some kind of trapmaster or something, only to discover that the core mechanic for the class was totally busted. I've been wary of running Un comps ever since.

To be fair, I recommended a strong race/class combo!

If the point of the competition is to make something barely winnable or unwinnable, because competition = challenge, then just about any sub-optimal combination in Unangband is going to satisfy that requirement because there is something a bit wrong with Un's combat balance.

If the point of the competition is to garner interest in Unangband and to showcase what is best in Unangband, (IMO the gorgeous procedurally generated dungeons), then I recommend picking something as min-maxxed as possible so your competition players experience as much as possible. The ladder recommends 'mage' as the go-to winner.

The game's atmosphere begs for roleplaying characters, but it's difficult to pull this off given how difficult combat tends to be. From my experience, I wanted to soak in the atmosphere and make interesting tabletop rpg style characters, but they just weren't powerful enough to endure what is, IMO, broken combat. So finally, if the point of the competition is to garner interest but also allow for opportunities to gather input for balance changes for the new maintainer, I recommend a high elf warrior.

Pete Mack February 25, 2017 17:58

It's not the combat. It's the bosses. If you play in dungeon crawl mode, it's not so different from V. But having to get through multiple bosses, and being forced into particular dungeons makes it very tough indeed. And you absolutely must coat your weapons and arrows with bad mushrooms and potions. It's a game where bags of holding are pretty much a necessity. There is no way to win without a lot of small buffs.

HallucinationMushroom February 25, 2017 19:38

I've never tried dungeon crawl mode since the LoTR campaign seemed too good to pass up. Does dungeon crawl mode showcase the many different environments you would expect to see during the campaign?

Pete Mack February 25, 2017 19:43

No, it looks like a plain old angband dungeon, with all the monsters mixed together. Avoiding the bosses at their native level makes a huge difference.

MITZE February 27, 2017 21:26

UnAngband: Warrior
Started simple and did a quick test run with a maia warrior. Still can't tell whether throwing is borked in some way, but otherwise ran into no obvious bugs.

unic February 28, 2017 04:27

UnAngband has always looked rather intimidating to me, so my preference would be for a not overly difficult class/race combo. No idea what that would be in Un though.

MITZE February 28, 2017 06:44

UnAngband: Mage & Priest
Thaumaturgist mage tried. Didn't last very long because of squishy mage HPs, but didn't run into any obvious bugs.

EDIT: Priest was extremely short-lived. I recommend against going with one for the comp, as the priest's prayer system is incomplete according to documentation and the priest itself seems like it's *highly* reliant on luck for getting usable starting prayers.

wobbly March 4, 2017 01:10

So been playing this a bit & I'd recommend going with something fairly straight forward like a human,high-elf or dwarf warrior or rogue. A couple of things I definitely wouldn't recommend: hobbit warrior - at level 1 I couldn't hit. Like at all. Couldn't even hit throwing oil flasks unless the target was asleep. Ent shaman (w/druid realm) specializing in unarmed - didn't get an attack spell at level 1 & while I could hit by charging I'm pretty sure I was doing 0 damage. Plus I started with a speed penalty.

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