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CunningGabe February 28, 2008 03:03

Advice for a High-Elf Warrior

I've been playing *band off and on for years (mostly vanilla and ToMe), but I never really got very far in Vanilla. I've just started again, and after a few failed attempts, I've got someone finally making it down to interesting depths (i.e. statgain).

Sooo... here I am:

I've been spending time around levels 38-40, looking for a source of rPois while I chug stat potions. (And the Black market had a potion of Augmentation recently that I could afford!) Any suggestions for things I ought to take with me as I dive, or ought not too, or how far I can go without rPois without getting my butt kicked?

- Gabe

Pete Mack February 28, 2008 03:33

You are a warrior; you should use your best melee weapon: that is either Bloodspike, even if it only gives you 4 blows.

CunningGabe February 28, 2008 14:30

Bloodspike does only give me 4 blows (despite what the dump says; it's taking my Dex boost from my Spear of Westernesse into account), so against non-poison-vulnerable enemies, it does less damage. Are most enemies vulnerable to poison? If so, then I probably will swap the spear for Bloodspike, which will cause me to rejuggle some other equipment as well.

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