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Pete Mack November 16, 2018 21:14

The Tarrasque does just massive damage and has tons of HP. Unless you have dual immunity, it will destroy so much stuff in your pack that killing it will leave you significantly worse off. When breath attenuation was too forgiving, I sometimes killed it as a High Elf mage with nether bolt. Make long tunnels with stone to mud and digging, then plink it from far away, when it gets close teleport and repeat. But that was because
* it was doing much less damage
* High elf mage is desperate for EXP.

Narry November 16, 2018 21:22

I see... let's suppose I play a hobbit warrior. The Tarrasque counts as animal, right? So, with dual immunity and a superb weapon with *Slay* Animal I might get the revenge?

Pete Mack November 16, 2018 21:38

*Slay* animal and *slay* evil still only don2x base damage. The Tarrasque is vulnerable to acid, electricity, and poison--these are all good choices. But it is so not worth fighting it unless you have immunities.

Your best shot is as a CL 40+ ranger with venom brand ammo.

Narry November 16, 2018 21:42

OK. Thanks for the advice.

Gauss November 18, 2018 09:41

So the best advice if we find the terrasque is run right?
I should only fight him if i have huge fire resistance.

fph November 18, 2018 09:54


Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 134364)
So the best advice if we find the terrasque is run right?
I should only fight him if i have huge fire resistance.

Yup, correct, but "huge fire resistance" is a weird way to word it given how resistances work in vanilla Angband. Basically, there's three types of resistance:

* permanent fire resistance from equipment: divides the damage by 3. Having more than one is the same as having one.
* temporary fire resistance from spells / activations: divides the damage by another 3. Stacks with permanent resistance, but again, having more than one is the same as having one.
* immunity from equipment: reduces the damage to zero.

Also, keep in mind that mr. T can breathe also cold, and disenchantment for max ca. 600 damage IIRC. You should have those resisted as well. And it breathes pretty damn often.

Pete Mack November 18, 2018 21:25

Disenchantment max damage is 500, or 428 with resistance (which you definitely need when fighting the big R.) And yes, you will want both immunities.

Grotug November 20, 2018 10:59

Grrr!! I love how bad luck just all comes at once. Two drolems? really? That's not how I died. The master mystic summoned at least three 11-headed hydras. I had him fleeing, one purple asterisk of health left, and he somehow found the time and energy to heal? There was no heavy stun. It went from stun to knocked out. Grrrr. I was making good turncount, too. I killed Itanagast but died to a master mystic. :eek:

I had found a ring of extra attacks, too.

Pete Mack November 20, 2018 11:10

Unless you are at speed +20, GMM can take you from stunned to knocked out in a single player turn. At normal speed, he can knock you out in a single turn. Very bad news..

Grotug November 20, 2018 13:50

He wasn't a grandmaster (only a master).

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