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AndyS January 25, 2019 08:20


Originally Posted by Sphara (Post 135587)

Most of my ironman wins are kinda wimp versions because I usually play with 'know all flavors from start' as a birth option. It does not make the game that much easier, just reduces the annoyance of having to consume a harmful or preservable items once without any intention.

Diving paying off works exactly the same way as with recall. The danger there is just the shortage of healing items in the endgame fights. Especially when diving very aggressively. I've died twice in the endgame (once to Sauron, once to Morgoth) because of that.

Btw, I did do one win with not knowing flavors. In that game I stupidly ate an unknown mushroom from the floor while clearing a greater vault. Was a mushroom of purging. That caused some trouble because I never carry any food after like D40. Drank lotsa potions for nutrition before finding something edible or sh-scroll :D

EDIT: Oh and commenting on your ironman attempt single-handedly promoted me from 'Apprentice' to 'Adept' status. So it probably was a good advice. Ha ha! :D

I think it was good advice regardless of your status :)

I also think if you won an ironman game, the word wimp definitely does not apply. But what exactly does "know all flavours" mean? I realize I should know this but i don't. Does it mean your items are identified? That would be a tremendous advantage. I was always hauling around stuff "just in case".

I think after Ive identfied free action and poison I will drop unidentified weapons unless I have identify or free slots which are scarce in ironman. When all is said and done you usually go with an artifact weapon anyway , at least as a warrior.

Keep in mind that I'm keenly aware of my lack of expertise and probably talking out of the wrong end :)

Sphara January 25, 2019 08:46


Originally Posted by AndyS (Post 135588)
I..what exactly does "know all flavours" mean? I realize I should know this but i don't. Does it mean your items are identified? That would be a tremendous advantage

You can set "know all flavors" from birth options just like you do disable word-of-recall etc.

Playing item flavors known means that potions, scrolls, wands, all the consumables are pre-identified. Only thing not id'd, are the power values the item holds. If you quaff enlightenment and see a ring of speed somewhere on the floor, you know it's Speed but you don't know how big it's enchantment is until you do step on the ring. So playing with this on, you are not forced to drink that Potion of Intellect once in a game when playing a warrior.

Rune flavors I keep hidden from the start. Those mean the powers the item holds. Resistances, buffs, curses, slaying powers etc. Those need to be identified once with a scroll of identify.

One example: Playing rune knowledge off and flavor knowledge on results you finding Ring of Resist Fire and Cold. You KNOW you have both of those resistances because it does not appear as "Lapis Lazuli Ring" or whatever, but your character sheet doesn't show it until the rune is identified via usage or id-scroll :)

Grotug February 9, 2019 22:55

Tried to fight too many spiders of gorgoroth at once. BTW, I'm pretty sure the XP they grant is too high (45k vs 9600 for a lesser titan).

bendb April 21, 2019 18:27

One-shotted by a Dracolisk breathing nexus... right after I'd swapped by boots of stability for boots of speed and given up my only source of nexus resistance. Dumb! Had some quality gear, too:

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