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getter77 September 27, 2021 12:32

Looking forward to what comes in due time and course.

EugeneLesnov September 27, 2021 18:04


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 155547)
The foundation of the game is the map

I wisely started with a map..(c) J.R.R. Tolkien


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 155547)
and I don't really have a clear picture of what you might call a win condition

There is something to think about here..
I'm going to speculate a little, if you please :)
Also, I'm going to take as a basis the maximum closeness to Tolkien's lore.

There are 6 major battles of Beleriand:

1. The First Battle was fought before the Noldor arrived, and was fought by the Sindar, Laiquendi, and Dwarves of the Blue Mountains.
2. The Dagor-nuin-Giliath, or Battle-under-Stars, fought by the Noldor following FŽanor and his Seven Sons.
3. The Dagor Aglareb, or Glorious Battle, which led to the Siege of Angband.
4. The Dagor Bragollach, or Battle of Sudden Flame, in which Ard-galen burned and many Noldor, including King Fingolfin, were slain.
5. The Nirnaeth Arnoediad or Battle of Unnumbered Tears, in which the Union of Maedhros was utterly broken by Morgoth.
6. The War of Wrath, which defeated Morgoth, ended the First Age of Arda, and destroyed most of Beleriand.

For me personally, Beleriand is associated with the War of Wrath, so..It seems that the ultimate goal should not be to kill Morgoth.
As a result of War of Wrath, Morgoth was sent as prisoner to Aman, where Mandos judged him, and the Dark Lord was "executed".

The main quest probably should not be to kill Morgoth as I said above, but it could be to help the allied forces against Morgoth's armies.

In accordance with the principle of "Divide and Conquer", let's divide this quest into subquests like:

* Destroy Balrogs
* Slain Ancalagon the Black
* Kill some orc commanders
* Descend into the Angband dungeon
* Weaken Morgoth to bound him with chain Angainor (Gameplay feature of using quest items?)

As we know, the devastation caused the war left Beleriand mostly destroyed. We can use this fact for gameplay purposes..After each subquest, part of the map may "disappear" as a result of the war (It might be randomized?).

According to "The Tale of Years" War of Wrath lasted for more than four decades (F.A. 545 - 587). It seems natural that some territories changed hands.
To make the war feel "real", we can divide the large map into "zones" that might be occupied by allied forces, might be neutral or might be under the control of the enemies.
This will give us a basis for calculating the "danger" level for the current zone the player is in.

Sorry if this seems sketchy. I just wanted to start brainstorming...Maybe some ideas might come in handy.

Mondkalb September 28, 2021 09:11


Nick September 28, 2021 10:34


Originally Posted by EugeneLesnov (Post 155557)
I'm going to speculate a little, if you please :)

I am far from decided, but you've hit fairly close to my current plans.

The plan is to set the game after the third kinslaying, with all the major elven strongholds destroyed and the land overrun by servants of Morgoth. So there should be a feeling of walking through the broken remains of everything the Noldor and the Sindar had created.

I also plan to have a fixed timeline, so if the character survives long enough the Valinorean host should arrive in preparation for the War of Wrath. I'm leaning toward that being the end of the game, but am not sure what the player should be trying to achieve by then.

I'm just trusting that I can make it up as I go along :)

EugeneLesnov September 28, 2021 10:40

Oh, sounds amazing. May the bless of Valar be with you :)

P.S. To be honest, I'm burning with impatience :D

Nick January 2, 2022 01:24

Some progress, but also some scope creep.

I have pretty rudimentary (and buggy) map generation going. I have changed the scale again to make the map even bigger, with each game grid having an in-game width of 2 metres. I have played a bit with the idea of a zoom function, so the player can see a bigger area while moving, but my current implementation has some performance and other issues.

I then decided to leave the map for a bit and move on to gameplay. My intent from almost the beginning has been to use Sil-style skill trees, and the current Sil competition has led me to go in and look at Sil mechanics a bit more. This has led me to two conclusions:
  1. I really want to incorporate a large part of Sil - monster behaviour, probably combat, singing to replace magic, smithing, ... - so Beleriand is starting to look to me like a Sil variant;
  2. Incorporating the code to do this looks like a massive exercise, so I have decided that the "easiest" way to do this is to actually rewrite Sil to use current Angband code (modernising stuff like datafiles and parsing, modularity of effects, UI separation, etc) first.
This is a clearly ridiculous course of action, so maybe I will change my mind (it's not like that never happens). But at this point it looks like I am taking on preparation of an unofficial version of Sil to go with maintaining Angband and FAangband and preparing Beleriand. Please feel free to tell me how stupid I am being - I am literally asking for it.

HugoVirtuoso January 2, 2022 01:27

Is there any way you can provide a preliminary alpha version for gameplay testing on webserver or elsewhere?

Nick January 2, 2022 01:38


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 156822)
Is there any way you can provide a preliminary alpha version for gameplay testing on webserver or elsewhere?

It's actually being autobuilt like V and FA here, but most of the changes are downstream updates from those, and the actual "game" is mostly non-functional, and the bits that do work are slated to be replaced by other bits. So if you're prepared to be completely misled, go right ahead ;)

clouded January 2, 2022 07:16

"After the refactor" is just classic Nick.

Nick January 2, 2022 08:13


Originally Posted by clouded (Post 156827)
"After the refactor" is just classic Nick.

Well, when you put it like that...

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