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Gwarl December 20, 2019 20:18

Comp 228
For the festive season, we'll be playing a Half-troll Druid.

LordRotharoth December 20, 2019 22:12


Ingwe Ingweron December 20, 2019 23:42

Another sadistic combo from Gwarl. Maybe Father Christmas will bring a good drop, uh, when the ugly half troll nature lover bludgeons him to death....;)

bron December 21, 2019 01:40

Have to agree with Ingwe here. Half Troll is not a great choice for a character with Advanced Spellcasting: it's hard for them to get 18/200. Admittedly Wis is better than Int, but it's still hard. And no, of course there's no requirement to get 18/200, but if you don't, then you're throwing away one of the major reasons to play that class in the first place. As Ingwe said - a sadistic combo. "A challenge" as we like to say ...

Here's hoping for another comp 222 result - :)

LordRotharoth December 21, 2019 02:27

I do have one sort of on topic question, why always use the same settings? Why not spice it up here and there. It'd make the game a bit more interesting in my opinion. ;)

DavidMedley December 21, 2019 16:30

Download starting save file not working for me

Diego Gonzalez December 21, 2019 16:43

Im new in the competition. We have to create our own savefile setting options in that way? Thanks!

DavidMedley December 21, 2019 17:07

This suggestion is too late, but this race/class combo might make sense for an ironman run (starts with regen and satisfy hunger).

wobbly December 22, 2019 05:39

Seems a strong combo to me. Fox form is fast so having regen makes them very good at kiting.

malcontent December 22, 2019 06:52

Druid comments
Fox form is great, much better than bat form for necromancer, in fact the +2 attacks makes it more like a combination of bat and warg form. I'm probably plodding a bit too much below level 30 - fox form allows me to buff up, take fox form, and then plow through monsters (with free action). I just don't have any other form or free action yet so taking it a bit slow.

Question about combined movement speed. I now have boots of Wormtongue, so when I'm in fox form does my movement speed increase even more than normal? Some sort of indication on this would be nice.

I also noticed that when I take fox form, my inventory window does not update to my new strength situation, so I need to do something on my screen to make it update (roguelike i, followed by ESC).

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