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wobbly November 25, 2017 17:17

Latanc the Belegost (Sil-q)
As the dumps don't upload properly for sil-q it's here:

Latanc the unintentional smith. Saithnar broke 1st go on the crown which was disapointing. Was going to have another crack at denting Morgoth. Unfortunately 2 blows with full 3d15 saithnar didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

The 3rd sil requirement was weird, ended up grabbing the crown but couldn't carry it further then 950', then something in nikheizen's post made me realise what the +0 was. So 3 sils.

Might write something more coherent when I'm less tired.

wobbly November 29, 2017 16:25

So figured I'd write some stuff before I completely forget the run. Latanc started as a simple Belegost bruiser. I'd being playing a lot of trick builds & getting punished, so I just wanted to simply mindlessly thump my way through a game of Sil. The removal of artistry in sil-q is a good change I think, Belegosts struggle to spend much on smithing before the 1st forge & it was nice to just build some simple armour & head on. The leathers got replaced by mail before Lug/Balcmeg but it's still nice not to have to hunt the floor for enough to deal with the early game.

Mostly just built up raw melee/evasion. You'll see I never get a 2nd ability from either tree till:

13,466 800 ft (Heavy Armour Use)
16,701 650 ft (Strength)

This I think is simplest for Belegost (for everything actually, but Belegosts especially). That crummy dex means, well, even towards the end I had issues where I was missing a lot. You want few tricks, much raw grunt.

1st time fighting Lug since he gained cruel blow (last time I just filled him with arrows). The plan was to have indomitable before he arrived, you can see I was just short. He's scary to melee but in heavy armour with good con I could just punch through in a corridor. I'm sure he's a terror fighting in the open with you stumbling all over the place. In a corridor it's like vanilla's Umber Hulk. Eventually you're going to stumble the right direction. I've since done similar with an Edain. It was sketchy (you probably need luck), but I still came out on top.

9,256 750 ft (Keen Senses)
9,473 750 ft (Listen)

This was me realizing I was stumbling round the late game with only 1 light (lantern+shadow cloak). I still think Listen is one of the most undervalued abilities in Sil. Sil's equivalence to telepathy.

Anyways eventually found my 2nd forge at 750'. I'd been going up & down stairs fairly freely, just not caring about smithing. Grabbed a few floor lights. Even with listen: light, light, more light is always very strong. Also a dwarf mask (my 1st form of fire resistance all game). I didn't really decide to go artifact smith till Maeglain showed up.

This run reaffirmed my feeling that people build smiths in the reverse order to what makes for a smooth game. From:

13,767 900 ft Found The Galvorn Armour of Maeglin

I was stumbling over forges continuously. More then I could actually use, I made junk at a couple then simply dumped all the annoying smithing gear from my inventory with a fair amount of time still on the clock. Trying to put all your pts in smithing & only building up melee/evasion after you get the shiny stuff is a recipe for pain & frustration. Getting enough melee/evasion to enjoy the game & only putting spare pts in smithing, you can see I still got some pretty nice shinys. Of course I've seen more impressive stuff on other smiths, but this is still nice gear without sacrificing the 20/20 melee/evasion.

I had a thought while playing this about taking a 9lb flaming hammer to Morgy. Saithnar dropped just before I could build it. So I'll have to save that for another run.

Thanks to Quirk for taking the time to develop a version of Sil. Was fun to play with some new mechanics.

Gwarl November 29, 2017 19:00

Not convinced that is the problem with the dumps. It could equally well be Sil-Q or more likely the ladder itself. Isn't the result a bunch of 'unknown variant' messages?

wobbly November 29, 2017 19:07


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 126579)
Not convinced that is the problem with the dumps. It could equally well be Sil-Q or more likely the ladder itself. Isn't the result a bunch of 'unknown variant' messages?

Pretty much. See Tyrael & Quirks comments here.

Quirk November 30, 2017 15:29


Originally Posted by wobbly (Post 126580)
Pretty much. See Tyrael & Quirks comments here.

Yeah, is innocent. The new Sil-Q ladder will take your dumps.

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