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Sky May 14, 2017 22:39

The great adventures of Nimlorn (and family)
starting a new character in nightly 8438538, i decided to make a thread detailing my mis-adventures.

brand new Dunedain Mage. Surely there must be mages among the Dunedain? Well, there is one now.
And keeping with the tradition of tall, strong men, 8 points INT, 6 points CON, 6 STR, for a total of 14 STR, 18/40 INT, and 17 CON (enough for 1 bonus HP, but only 2 measly SP per level).

Randarts, $pecial feelings, selling on. No gear.
First purchase, the two first books of magic (i intend to dive .. moderately), a potion of CSW (to ID), 5 pots of CLW, 5 Phase, 2 torches, 2 food.

I survive the rogues in town and head down to ..

Sky May 14, 2017 22:49


couple snakes, a fruit bat, two white icky things. i make a keymap for rest, one for magic missile. i have 13% fail rate on MM, gotta take that into consideration. Also, no weapon.

My first loot is a sling (+6,+4), which is nice for the GP but i am weary of carrying around ammo, as it weights a ton.

I run into something invisible, but luckily enough manage to MM it. A pile of rubble yields some CLW. i nearly die to a fruit bat ...

and then i run into a wilcat, and i die.

wow this was fun.

Sky May 14, 2017 23:03

DL0: Nimlorn's smarter (18/50 INT, 13 STR, 14 CON)brother, Thunlorn, hasn't heard from him in since he went down in that horrible place, and is starting to worry. He sets out with the same gear, but with one great difference - he took the time to learn the spell of Detect Monsters together with Magic Missile.

Sky May 14, 2017 23:17

Thunlorn quickly realizes that the worst might have happened to Nimlorn - entering the dungeon, he is repeatedly forced to resurface, assaulted from all sides by snakes, bats, and on the surface by rabid cats and dogs. Also, no help comes to Thunlorn when he tries his magic prowess for the first time against an angry snake .. failing his 12% spell SIX TIMES out of 8 castings.
(someone doesn't understand percentages ... or statistics, either)

On finding a large room, Thunlorn is attacked by a huge frog, which he quickly dispatches .. ding ! CL2. A whoppin' eight HP added, for a total of 18, and +2 SP, for a total of 5.
Again, an invisible creature blocks the path of a brave hero, but again, the creature is dispatched by a single well placed MM.

Back into the large room, a kobol, a mouse (asleep), and a moss defend a pair of leather sandals {??}, which are probably just (cursed); the level feeling is 1-1.

stairs down, to ...

Sky May 14, 2017 23:36


an apprentice, a brown mold, and a mouse .. plus anotehr invisible creature which i simply avoid. i fail 2 castings out of 6 (12% fail). Level feeling 1-4.

Thurlorn decides to push on, and stumbles upon a kobold, and a large yellow snake. Fortunately, lady luck smiles upon our hero, and he does not fail any of his castings. ding!! CL3, and a ridoncolous TEN HP added, for a total of 28 HP, 7 SP.

I find some stairs, but decide to push on. 28 HP wow.

Detect Monsters, only an ant and a moss. i kill the ant failing only one of my 3 castings.

I walk face first into Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog. Did not consider that mobs move, after i cast my DM.
I only fail one casting, quaff a CLW after i am brought down to 3 HP, but eventually kill him.
I go look for the second ant, kill it ... ding!!! ELEVEN HP ADDED !!!

39 HP at CL4 .. this must be a record.

time to go on. I kill some yello and brown mushroom patches .. there's something here that gives that level feeling 4 .. i want it. I DM and see a wildcat, and a pack of jackals.

I go a longer way, to find a long distance approach to the wildcat. He runs to me, i nuke him. Damn, invisible creatures still touching me, it could be a glutton ghost, i eat my rations so he cannot steal them.
I find the pack of jackals and eliminate them; they use the Z AI, so i just retreat into a corridor, rest, and pick them off.
There's stairs here, but i still haven't found that 1-4 ...

Finally i find a lucerne hammer (+1,+5) .. average damage per round: 11.5
let's go to the stairs, down to ..

Sky May 14, 2017 23:51


DM shows a green naga, blue ooze, and acolyte. I have 39 HP, so HA!, i'm just gonna go nuke them.

Level feeling 2-3, and a soldier that i missed is in the bunch. I also step on a poison cloud trap, but i just pull back a bit and wait for it to be over, meanwhile the soldier and acolyte die. I fight the naga, fail 2 out of 7 castings, and a second soldier and second acolyte join the fray. I decide to test my lucerne hammer, and it works. ding!, CL 5 and six HP added, for a total of 45 HP and 11 SP.

I go to grab my loot, and find that the room has been overrun by a breeder, a yellow worm mass. It's a checker room, quick thinking tells me i might be able to clear it with the hammer. I recover my HP, go in and smash. result: i'm alive, i have some bolts (+4, +5) to sell, and i ding! again to CL6, only 4 HP gained, for a total of 49 HP and 13 SP.

My first torch has gone out.

I'm still OP considering this is DL3, so i milk it for everything. Next room, one harpy, one snake, one kobold, i fail 2 castings out of 7 (at 4% fail rate).

Well .. looks like my inventory is full already. Since this is a sell-enabled game, i will have to recall.

Sky May 14, 2017 23:53

first recall, DL0:

Back in town, i sell my scrolls, and ID a potion of neutralize poison, which means the next potion that sells for 50 gold is Speed. I also ID CSW by buying one.

the black market has a Helm of Intelligence, but it's 6700 gold. maybe .. if i'm quick ...

i cast my new spells, and gain a level. my choice is Teleport Self and Frost Bold, should i run into a Hydra. I gain 5 HP (total 54 HP), and head back into the dungeon.

It's silly to spend 125 gold on a scroll of recall for DL3, so i just walk down the stairs with 1 Recall on me.

Sky May 15, 2017 00:00

i Find Doors (nuking maybe 10 XP worth of mobs in the process) to quickly descend to DL3, where a cutpurse steals 165Gp from me; angry, i chase and DM, but i walk into a trap like a moron, and gently float down to ..


it's a 2-2 level feeling. My DM brings out 2 mobs not even worth mentioning. I find some stairs and i take them.

Sky May 15, 2017 00:06


i keep finding junk, a short sword, a maul, a short bow, all (+0,+0), but it's all money, so i stash it. Two green jellies give me a bit of free XP.

It's a 3-3 level feeling, and after i hit a teleport trap (i'm too lazy to DT all the time .. ) i DM a whole bunch of kobolds, including a large kobold. This could be trouble, i dont want to test the Teleport Self fail rate of 25% ....


I remember i need to cast these two spells, and in doing so i ding! to CL8, with a whoppin' 3 HP added. The RNG giveth, and the RNG taketh away.

I decide to continue milking this DL for XP, but fail to disable a trapdoor .. oh well.

Sky May 15, 2017 00:37


..doesn't start well. I am right next to some mobs, i try to evade them and step on a blindness trap. I try to rest, but something bites me .. i guess i need to use a CLW. Really, CLW should not cure status ailments, but it does, so ..

Fortunately, they were easy mobs. Fang also shows up, but for some reason doesn't attack me immediately, so i nuke him.

I DM, and i find a room full of eyes. Ideal for my Stinking Cloud spell, i quickly clear is and get about 5XP from it. They had some magic bolts, and i'm now slowed to (-1) .. i'm still carrying that maul i found earlier.

I walk around, kill a naga, and ding! i'm CL9, with 60HP. I see new mobs ahead, including two orcs. It's pretty easy stuff .. lets go for it. The operation yields a second maul, which i temporarily drop, a normal spear, and enough XP to put me to CL10, with THREE new HP ... come on man. This RNG sucks.

time to go back; this loot won't sell itself.

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