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Old Man October 12, 2007 12:33

Stat hacking
Its my first time through Angband. I started with a mage and completely ignored strength as a stat not thinking that it would affect my carrying ability. stupid i know. anyway long story short is there a simple way of altering my characters stat. or a list of wizard mode commands available?


HallucinationMushroom October 12, 2007 15:13

Debug Mode is cheating but it would work for your situation rather easily.

Turn on Debug Mode with Ctrl+a.
You will be given a yes/no prompt, choose y.
After it is on use Ctrl+a to open a debug mode command.
e is for modifying stats and gold and experience.

So Ctrl+a y Ctrl+a e.

Once it is has been turned on you only need one Ctrl+a for future debugs and no more yes/no prompts.

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