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Gothmog March 11, 2017 11:49

Any requests on what you guys want added? I might be able to add them
I won't be able to do off the wall crazy stuff, but I will save you guys the trouble of having to add them yourselves

These are not really lore friendly

I've already added a Thrall who "knows nothing but the darkness around him" -- -- they are hostile

I've added a new race "Ent", they have crazy strength and health (I'm talking up to 120 health if you focus on constitution) but extremely bad evasion stealth will
and song

I've added the horn of thunder of Aule, it grants some very good abilities (I can't remember what)

I've added Gollum as a unique who shows up very early, you wonmt be able to sneak past him he is very perceptive and quick

I've added Bill Tom and Bert - Bilbo's trolls

I've added ice wolves - more deadly that white wolves- they can bash down doors and do cold damage

I've also added petty dwarves that have a stealth bonus and extra food

I will add the One Ring that will give you a big stralth bonus but attract undead

I will add new "corridors" essentialy they are not so rare vaults they can be more windy than your typical corridors

If you guys have any requests I can do out the profile of the thing you want added and show you how to install it

On a side note I'm having trouble with the houses history and appearance of the new races I've added, as in I'm getting the history of a Sindar for a Balrog race I was playing around with----- so help on that front wold be welcome

HugoTheGreat2011 March 11, 2017 11:59

This sounds like a "PosChengband-like" re-incarnation of Sil. i.e. a beefed-up version of Sil. I like this!

And this:
Add a dark-elven house - i.e. Eol / Magelin, etc. ...More stealthy than the Noldor, but slightly worse Melee (but not nearly as bad as the other challenge houses)

Gothmog March 11, 2017 12:27

Will do, I will have it ready in a few hours-- I'm not able to do it atm

Pete Mack March 11, 2017 17:55

Sil is very much first age. Pretty sure the three trolls were not present for that. Same for One Ring, etc.

HugoTheGreat2011 March 11, 2017 19:25

You still adding Hounds? Btw, Giants are already in the game...but maybe add a Frost giant and Fire giant? Perhaps describe the Balrog house after Gothmog?

Gothmog March 11, 2017 19:59

I know, I stated they are not lore friendly

HugoTheGreat2011 March 12, 2017 02:00

If you're adding the One Ring, it should be uber-powerful, permacursed, with severe aggravation penalty + draw monsters of all types, really. This could make the Sil-variant breakingly-fun-as-hell, yet definitely entertaining touch

Another request - revert the Charge ability to the pre-1.1 days, when it used to be absolutely overpowered!!! I was known for and I popularized the Charge technique back in the day (in early 2012 before half changed the Charge mechanics). Heh, heh. That was mainstay of my time in Sil.

As for the Sil-variant name, I guess we could call it G-Sil or Sil-Gothmog

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