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getter77 June 13, 2012 16:59

Roguelike "Incubator" and Bundle for September

So, gist of this is an effort to get more critical feedback amongst developers in a sort of amiable Cabal towards the purpose of more polished releases and some good baselines of standards such as "works" and "is legible".

First of many projects intended under this broad and developing umbrella is a Roguelike Bundle intended to arrive this September in time for the Annual Roguelike Release Party event, not unlike other bundles of late, with the caveat of being entirely charity and quality driven. A site and such has already been wrangled, so what remains is getting things situated and folk involved.

While I'm unsure as to whether Vanilla would work out, as it isn't like a variety of quality things are not sought to be included, I would like to think there might well be some interested folks in these parts among the various Variant operators that could find themselves roughly in sync with the guidelines for this particular bundle in terms of being cross platform and open source and are keen on the gist of things.

The merry works kicking about here in the land of Rephial tends to be out of the limelight unduly, but here's a chance to get a bit of time in it for whatever coverage can be wrangled and the charity figured out when the time comes while spurring quality releases onward to the enjoyment of all.

At the least, I would entreat folks here with a critical mind for things to stop by the thread or so up top and weigh in on the lot of it, wrangle suggestions, and so forth as there's a few months yet to try and get this as well and truly situated as possible.

Current participants are something like:


So right now we have:
- LambdaRogue (post-apocalyptic fantasy)
- Hydra Slayer (fantasy)
- PRIME (science fiction, thread will be up tomorrow)
- Something by XLambda. Is it that the dwarven concept roguelike?
- Rogue Rage (pseudo Greek fantasy theme)
- Whatever Todd is making (RoboCaptain developed more?)
- Whatever Eliot Glarion is making

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