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gtrudeau88 June 1, 2019 15:11

Hobbit Mage Question

I asked these question once before with a different hobbit mage who I stupidly killed. This mage is doing well. Am I safe to dive lower and if so, how low might you try? Would you equip yourself differently?

gtrudeau88 June 1, 2019 18:11

I'm dead. Nevermind

Pete Mack June 2, 2019 00:57

The answer is yes. With ESP, you can go deep. But you want stealth speed and HP in some combination. For that char, it means wearing those half-assed boots of speed. Nexus just isn't going to kill you.

wobbly June 2, 2019 11:23

Bit late but I agree with Pete. The issue with lacking rnexus is random teleport from nexus vortexs etc. which you can detect. +4 speed is close to 1.5x speed. 2/3 the no. of monsters waking. 1.5x damage output. 2/3 the chance of suffering from a mistake etc.

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