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TheQuest June 18, 2018 14:05

(frog)Composband bugs and suggestions from me
  • [bug] when in ] in its help it says "[a-z] select next matching entry", but it actually selects among basic building, like from armory till museum. All others, like inns can not be selected by typing first letters of its names. Ones can be selected only with arrow up or arrow down keys.
  • [bug] it seems that death sword's hold life essences are not updated/applied correctly
  • [feature request] would be nice to be able to filter out items in [ based on their pseudo-id type - like to show only artifacts.
  • [feature request] item list ] and monster list [ do not take all available width to display items names without concatenating. Especially it is annoying a bit when some inscribed items are in the list - usually inscriptions are not visible at all.
  • [feature request] (my old one) In Pets menu it would be cool to have an option like "go to specified location" so that pets can upon my order go and clean the room, for example, without me entering the room. Some kind of similar functionality now can be achieved by detecting monsters first and then, while monsters are visible, ordering an attack on specific enemy. But this is not exactly as "go to this location and kill anything on the way". This would be badass feature for ones that play with pets/summons.

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