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wobbly September 8, 2013 08:31

Danger Mechanic?
After finding the helm of Curufin then dieing to Uldor at 350 ft (native depth 500 ft) I'm curious how exactly the danger effect works. Do forges also increase danger? I seem to find worse opponents near them, though that could be just me. Was frustrating to die as up until then I'd had great luck, this was my 4th forge already on a heavy smithing build including 2 on the same level at 250 ft which I didn't realise was possible. What's the odds on 2 forges on a level? Can you get more?

Also, small bug with listen. Enemies out of site appear as astrixs but if they notice you it says things like: The orc archer notices you, even though I can't see him yet.

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