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protopulse April 1, 2020 02:42

Do you guys kill grave wights or just ignore them?
Tattered wights you can kite since they are slow. Barrow wights are less dangerous since they drain grace. But what about grave wights? Unless I'm running Noldor or some grace focused build, I usually don't have enough grace/will investment to completely resist their strength drain when I meet them. And no !strength or ,restoration either. It seems like a bad idea to engage them in combat or to be anywhere near them in general if you don't have free action. But killing one is worth 90 experience...

HugoTheGreat2011 April 1, 2020 03:50

I tend to outright melee them whenever possible

Infinitum April 1, 2020 17:14

Sure. Put a few points in will, equip a twohander and go wild.

Alternatively, if you don't have that missing out on a W isn't 90 xp; it's 90 xp right now and a fraction of that later. They appear over 5 floors, and the difference beween killing, say, 7 or 9 over the course of a game is neglible. Same goes for any tough monster.

seraph April 2, 2020 03:16

i once tried meleeing one with halmir, which sustains your strength. of course, the damage dice are so bad i ended losing a point anyway.

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