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Moving Pictures June 21, 2018 20:33

How did you die today?
I haven't seen a thread on failures, much. You know, those spectacular - or mundane - ways of dying.

So what the heck. I'll start.

Elf mage. CL12. Just battled a fighting retreat from a nasty little chamber of black orcs, snagas and lice. Wander over to stairs, read scroll.
It's a teleport scroll. And guess where it lands us? Right in the middle of that chamber. Phase, phase, nope, can't battle out, phase, nope, CCW, phase, nope, CSW, phase, nope, CSW, no scrolls try spell, spell fails, haste, CSW, try phase, still in chamber, rinse, lather, soak in elf blood, end game.

Sphara June 22, 2018 00:39

This one happened few days ago but it was, to put it lightly, a spectacular failure.

HT Warrior with +50 speed beats Sauron dead barely using any healing whatsoever. Ascend down and start waiting for Morgy.
As he appears and gets a little closer, I switch to Morgy-kit which gives me maximum dmg vs. evil something closer to 500/turn. Quick 'C' check. Max damage kit doesn't have ESP or any fire resistance as my switched items had telepathy and fire immunity. Well, I'll work around it.

Beat Morgy to five stars, he summons Tarrasque (you saw earlier, where this was going..). No problem.
Phase door and switch back the fire immunity item.
Ok, nice.
(Morgy comes to LOS, TO him away.
Ok, nice.) EDIT: Slight correction, since this part actually never happened. Maybe I went into a shock and made up this stuff in my head.

Now the Tarrasque's turn to get TO'd.
He appears.
Immediate fire breath. 1600 dmg.

I had switched back the ESP item, not the fire immunity item.
The dumbest dumbass of Dumbtown turned into the pile of ash.

Pete Mack June 22, 2018 00:56

Ooh, lovely death! I did something similar once with Arien. Dying with -1200HP was pretty spectacular.)

Grotug June 22, 2018 04:07

I died to lack of FrAct very late in a game a few weeks ago. I had been checking FrAct periodically in the DL30s, DL40s 50s etc each time I'd rearrange my kit, but must have tried on some new super-duper items very late in the game and totally didn't at all think to check FrAct (usually have multiple sources by late game). Was rather surprising to see the paralyzed status show. Was a very winnable character, too. Felt like a pretty classic YASD.

fizzix June 22, 2018 23:22


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 130857)
Ooh, lovely death! I did something similar once with Arien. Dying with -1200HP was pretty spectacular.)

I did the Same with Huan and cold immunity.

Azuria August 15, 2018 13:30

I just died to accidentally walking instead of pressing the direction I wanted to cast a spell in. Trying to wake up a troll to get things to be able to move out of a vault to to, instead walked into LOS of a greater basilisk

Grotug October 7, 2018 02:16

The Greater Basilisk breathes poison. You die.

And I had found Chaos Dragon mail on DL16. I had just transmuted a pukelman into a scroll mimic. :D That was pretty amusing. Oh well, didn't get o find out what the phial was.

Sky October 7, 2018 03:06

I also had a full kit of artifacts *none* of which had Fa and died to a ghoul who could barely hit me.

Sphara October 7, 2018 08:54

Thread like this needs one drolem breath death.

Playing online development branch, attempting artifactless ironman as Gnome Paladin. Somewhere below 50th dungeon level, dark corridor, hear sickening roar, ogres in front of me drop dead and then -360 HP.
So its a classic case. And completely my own fault as I was carrying rPois ring. Just relied on good stealth and two speed rings (+15 combined) even though I knew exactly that drolem was the only thing that could have instashotted me without me noticing it first.

Too bad since just before the death, I found my first detection rod and TO wand.

Pete Mack October 7, 2018 10:18

@Sphara --
Yeah that is bad. But it it also unlucky that a Drolem got you before you got full detection. On the one hand, I have dived a number of times hoping to find Godly Insights before getting one-shotted by a drolem. On the other hand, all those dives were in the 3.0.x era, when detect objects was available via magic devices. That made it much easier to track down the spellbook after reaching DL 50. The usual technique was a combination of +4 stealth defender weapon, elvenkind armor, and a few rods of light to avoid ambushes long hallways.

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