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Fendell Orcbane September 14, 2015 21:41

Are certain personality types better at rogue likes than others ?
So I got an iPhone last spring and of course the first thing I did was look for a good rogue like to play. The first ones that I tried were Cardinal Quest,Powder and Bit Dungeon. Out of the three Bit Dungeon was my favorite despite being kinda shallow game play wise. Started playing Powder after getting bored with Bit Dungeon, once I beat Powder I left it alone.
Cardinal Quest one was terrible IMO. However CQ2 is a lot better.
I finally got my hands on Pixel Dungeon and while it has some faults its a lot of fun. I can beat the game with each character type given a few good drops, but I have some internet friends who have played the game for 6 plus months with many a win if they are lucky. It kind of amazes me that they can't beat the game. I mean its nowhere near as hard as Brogue,( I think I got one ascension and can't even think about going for a lumenstone. So I just wonder if certain personality types are better at these games than others. Any thoughts

Rowan October 11, 2015 13:35

Maybe it's a matter of experience. Mainstream games sort of coddle the player. In shooters you kill enemies in one or two hits while you can take 50; in Action RPGs the situation is similar; in JRPGs you almost can't die without really sticking your neck out or running into a boss before you're ready. Any game where death is anything like a real possibility seems to have save points every two or three steps. It takes a different mindset to play roguelikes, doing everything that other games teach us to be unnecessary (like actually being careful).

AnonymousHero October 11, 2015 21:10

I'm going to guess that really mildly obsessive types at least have a slight advantage at this type of game. However, it does mean that we(!) have a slight disadvantage in not necessarily learning appropriately from the past.

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