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Squeak July 22, 2010 02:34

Dajangband bug
Was playing a hobbit mage in the last version of Dajangband. This was my most successful mage to date in any variant. Reached clevel 43 and dlevel 80. Shortly after finding Kelek's and learning mana storm I saved the game and quit. When I tried loading the game the next day it gave me the following error message:
Loading a 3.010 savefile
Restoring dungeon
Cannot place monster 93
Error reading dungeon data

Error (cannot parse savefile) reading 3.010 savefile.

...after which the game crashes.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this. I would hate saying goodbye to this character?

will_asher August 11, 2010 02:19

I'll be starting to work on DaJAngband stuff again in slightly less than a week, and I'll look for/at this bug. If you post or email me your savefile I see if I can get it working again, but it'll probably be at least a week from now.

buzzkill August 18, 2010 04:57

I just stumbled across a 'sullen drunkard' on DL40. Not a bug, I suppose, but certainly unusual. How the hell did he get there? I don't believe I've ever seen townfolk deeper that DL5 or so.

Only slightly related, I feel that hostile enemies are a bit too common in town. It seems like they appear just about every time. I'd prefer they be less frequent, maybe more powerful (if balance need be maintained).

will_asher August 18, 2010 07:38

Monsters native to the town never appear in the dungeon. The sullen drunkard is native to dungeon level 1, but also commonly appears in the town.

I'll think about making dungeon monsters slightly less common in the town, but only slightly because when I've played, I've never had a problem with the hostile monsters in town. They are much less common when you are just beginning the game anyway.

will_asher August 19, 2010 04:33

I have found and (hopefully) fixed the bug and I will release an update in the next couple days. You should (again hopefully) be able to load your saved game in this release.

EDIT: that was quick..

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