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fph May 7, 2011 22:24

Undoing "destroy item"
Let's say I destroy an item using k (or ctrl-d for roguelike lovers). If I choose "all the items of this kind", I can later restore them by unsquelching said item kind. But is there a way to return the destroyed item to life if I select "only this item"? Apparently the old option "show squelched items" is gone.

Derakon May 7, 2011 22:31

Hit 'K' to toggle visibility of squelched items.

fph May 7, 2011 22:58

Cool, didn't know about it.
(Incidentally, the command is ctrl-g in the roguelike keyset).

Timo Pietilš May 8, 2011 02:52


Originally Posted by Derakon (Post 52623)
Hit 'K' to toggle visibility of squelched items.

If you are using 3.2.0 that doesn't work, but OTOH there is still hide squelched -option so maybe you are not using 3.2.0.

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