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Skrym November 13, 2012 18:24

Scroll of Deep Descent...
Hi to the Angband community

I have encountered a "slight" problem during my last game session.

Trekking from the town down to my max Depth level (Max Depth level 5 for this char) on foot to save scrolls, i read a Scroll of Deep Descent to gain time.

Reading the Deep Descent Scroll description i have:

"When read, it teleports you two levels down"

I read the scroll on Depth 150'(DL3), intending to end down at Depth 250'(DL5)

I landed at 500' (DL10).

What did I misread/misunderstood?

Derakon November 13, 2012 19:08

Whoops, sounds like the item description is out of date!

Deep Descent now takes you down below your current recall depth. It's mostly useful for getting to more "interesting" parts of the dungeon when you're too powerful for your current recall depth.

WildKhaine November 13, 2012 19:08

Played around with it a bit. Deep Descent scrolls teleport you 5 dlvls down. Also, it drops you down 5 dlvls from whatever your max depth is. With a max depth of dlvl 5, it took you down to dlvl 10 even though you read it on dlvl 3. Don't know what version of V you are using, but I tested this on v3.4.1.

fizzix November 13, 2012 19:24

we need to update the description. Also, deep descent should no longer be a depth 1 item. It's not fair for new players to read it unID'd and get transported to 6. It should be a level 15-20 scroll. Thanks for informing us about the out of date description.

Skrym November 14, 2012 08:58

Thanks for the explanations!! The version incriminated is Angband 3.4.1.

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