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myshkin June 18, 2016 05:44


Originally Posted by debo (Post 111365)
I doubt these are something one would consider "4.0.5 bugs" but I'm too lazy to open another thread.

I'm having problems playing GCU with roguelike keyset in iTerm in OS X. (I actually don't think the specific terminal emulator would matter much here.) Ctrl-y stops the game, when I would expect it to swing north-west. Ctrl-h does nothing because it is interpreted as backspace, and my backspace key does nothing ever. This isn't a keymap thing because I can't even input Ctrl-y into the keymap editor without suspending the game.

Older variants do this to me on occasion, but it's worse here because ctrl-s doesn't save-without-quitting, and there's no option to save every turn, so an accidental ctrl-y halfway through a level sends me all the way back to the start of that DL. There also used to be a '\' command that let one bypass all the keymaps/macros/etc, and that is also gone?

I'm pretty sure GCU was really good in 3.x, but it didn't sound like anything in the refactor should have affected this so maybe I'm dreaming. Ideas?

What method are you using to build GCU on OS X? Can you check whether SIGTSTP is defined? Other than a rename from signals.c to ui-signals.c, I think the code is unchanged.

Pete Mack June 22, 2016 20:22

What's the deal with Grond? "You are too weak to use this weapon" for a STR 18/220 Warrior. I thought it would be fun to give it a try mopping up uniques, but I guess not :/

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