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zaimoni July 3, 2008 05:52

Zaiband 3.0.9 alpha released
Home page :

User-visible changes:
- The Black Market has what you need, when you need it (as long as it is affordable). At least, for:
** ?Word of Recall
** !Restore [stat]
** !Restore Experience
This availability boost should require the affected items to not be available in any other store (including the home), and for @ to have nothing relevant. (Ahem...this was coded before I mentioned it.)
- The Black Market will no longer taunt you with unaffordable Rings of Speed at CL 1. In fact, no store should taunt you with truly unaffordable items (as of the time of store maintenance). The only exception will be to prevent infinite looping of the store maintenance backend. [In particular, the Magic Shop may taunt you with unaffordable items before your first trip.]
- Stores should have fewer boring armors and weapons now, assuming that they can get interesting ones in. Note that other than missiles, multiple instances of the exact same kind of armor or weapon are boring. You will only see one of each kind in stock, regardless of how many are actually in stock.
- I couldn't think of a good reason in-character reason why summon traps should look identical to teleport traps when visible. They no longer do (but still have the same descriptive text).
- !Experience adjusted to restore experience first, to match the Gain [stat] potions
- cost rebalancing: first pass at resolving inadequate value of enchantment pluses.
- monster pathfinding now has limited awareness of cover and concealment
- non-stupid monsters that both have los on you, and los on a sleeping monster, will try to wake the sleeping monster automatically (doesn't cost a turn)
- Energy recovery is now a public stat (you can see the monster's energy recovery when you target them...and vice versa). When there is a ratio, yours is on the left.
- Points-based generation has been revamped. Any stat combination from autorolling or classical generation is now possible, and no others. Gold from points-based generation is exactly equivalent to that from either autorolling or classical generation. Starting point is all optimistic median stats; you can reduce stats below their starting values if necessary.
- option defaults changed:
** flow_by_sound/flow_by_small/view_yellow_lite/view_bright_lite/view_granite_lite/view_special_lite/smart_monsters/smart_packs on
** run_ignore_stairs, run_ignore_doors, ring_bell off
** now birth: auto_scum, flow_by_sound, flow_by_smell, smart_monsters, smart_packs, smart_learn, smart_cheat, dungeon_align, dungeon_stair.
Have these the way you want them before importing.
- JamesDoyle/Oook forums: a number of spelling tweaks to the artifact descriptions.
- from V SVN:
** all monsters that have great drops have good drops.
** extra color names
** character dump logic fix
** experience for monster kill, and native depth, obvious
** arrows, missiles, and boulders can miss now. Using Zaiband's ranged attack penalties.
** selling in stores forced to start on character inventory
** Starting torches are implicitly store-bought (but 3500 turns)

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