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CyclopsSlayer October 30, 2017 00:46

Poschengband - Skillmaster + Create Ammo = Autodestroyer issues
I have been dabbling with a Skillmaster Ranger.
My initial 5 points brought Archery to 5.
At level 5 I added Craft Magic.
The problem occurred at L10 when I added Create Ammo. The Mogaminator kept destroying bones and skeletons. I tried to copy the Archer lines in a newly created Skillmaster line, but it seems to still be destroying ammunition creating objects.

Specifically, the lines I added were;

?:[EQU $CLASS Skillmaster]
junk: ^broken skull
junk: ^broken bone

Is that correct? Is there a way to bind the changes to the skill Create Ammo and not to all Skillmasters? I am NOT a programmer and kinda fumbling about.

edit: OK it is preserving skeletons now, the RNG just was only generating corpses for a bit so it seemed now bodies were saved.

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