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Gwarl April 4, 2020 13:19

Comp 232
Instant coffee, lucky spectre ninja. An overpowered @ in an overpowered dungeon.

LordRotharoth April 4, 2020 15:21

am I allowed to use easy identify setting?

Gwarl April 4, 2020 15:40

yes, in deference to the fact that it does not affect score

Sideways April 4, 2020 16:33

Using Normal level size in instant-coffee isn't possible, since it automatically sets it to "instant coffee (allow big)" unless "instant coffee (never big)" is specifically selected.

And yes, those level-size settings predate the actual introduction of instant-coffee mode :)

Gwarl April 4, 2020 16:40

Fixed. @ P

Grotug April 8, 2020 14:04

I haven't been able to get this variant to work. Before I ask for help, does it have sound or is it possible to set up sound on it?

Sideways April 8, 2020 17:53

There's an error bell that's off by default, and a number of other sounds that are technically supported but not there in practice; they would require the player to define USE_SOUND in z-config.h before compiling, and then add missing sound files and in some cases tamper with sound.cfg. (Even then, there would likely be some bugs or at least omissions because no one's maintained the sound system since probably the 1990s; there has been no practical need, you are the first player to actually ask about the sounds.)

Grotug April 9, 2020 06:24

I seem to be the only one who enjoys sounds in Angband. Thanks for the info.

Bill Peterson April 10, 2020 21:11

Where can I find a Windows executable for this? The only files I see are 7.1.chocolate.

Sideways April 10, 2020 21:15


Originally Posted by Bill Peterson (Post 144418)
Where can I find a Windows executable for this? The only files I see are 7.1.chocolate.


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