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Grotug October 26, 2016 14:01

Sudden massive drop in Strength
I had Strength 18/100+ or so. Suddenly, I'm at strength 18. I was fighting an ettin and a Nexus vortex. Is this a bug?

EDIT: Uh-oh. Ate a mushroom of vigor and my strength restored, but only to 18/10. I think I will have to abandon this character if this can't be fixed some how. :(

I'm playing a half-troll warrior and at CL34. I think my starting strength was more than what it is now. Is there a cheat code to produce potions of Strength?

I'm playing version 4.0.5-dirty

Carnivean October 26, 2016 14:08

I'd suggest that you got stat-swapped by a nexus attack from the vortex. This is a permanent effect, unlike draining, but with stat potions you can still increase the stat.

Solutions for next time are to get nexus resist, avoid nexus attacks, or use stat and stat +/- potions to restore your stats to where you want them.

Grotug October 26, 2016 14:14


Thanks for the info. so How do go up 10 levels? Is there a ?Deep Ascent? Or should I just commit suicide? I really don't know how I am supposed to continue playing this character. Or at least play it and enjoy playing it....

Ahh... I see. Yes, you are right, I now have Wis 18/44. Completely useless to me. Guess I shoulda been wearing Arvedui and given up the fun of 200 AOE blast attack without ever damaging any items. Or give up some speed and stealth. Anyway, if anyone has any tips how I should keep playing or whether it would make sense to just suicide and start over I'd appreciate it. Spent tens of hours playing this character trying to find good gear so I could continue below 2000' without having a bunch of near death experiences. I finally got flail of totila for pConf and was finally in good shape after a long time of struggling and now this nexus nonense. I wonder what other game-wrecking surprises I'm in for. :(

Carnivean October 26, 2016 14:27

Deep Ascent is there, called Word of Recall. :)

To be honest, you should start diving until you start seeing stat potions, excellent gear or you die. Avoid anything that might kill you, if you can.

There have been discussions about how to make stat-swap attacks less soul destroying for the player, but they haven't been implemented yet to the best of my knowledge.

Grotug October 26, 2016 14:37

I'm at 1900' right now. You think I should dive deeper? I can't kill anything remotely scary with 60 damage a round. I could wear a ring of strength or damage, but that means I lose some speed. I have total 6 speed with 3 pieces of gear: Totila, Wormtongue's boots and +1 from an elven cloak. I suppose a ring of +4 strength or ring of +10 damage and swap back to my defender weapon which gives me FrAct so I can take off the FrAct ring. (other hand has rPoison). I do have ESP so that is good.

I would suggest if the game is going to have a game changing effect like stat swap, then there should be some way to reverse it. Maybe stat swap that lasts 1000 turns or something or until the end of the level?

Anyway, time to go to work! Thanks for any tips or advice anyone can offer me on how I can continue. I can cover basically all the resistances I need up to 2000'.

I have radagast boots for FrAct but wormtongues are soo good!

debo October 26, 2016 14:53

My advice is to suicide this character, change the edit files to remove nexus monsters from the game, and start again and enjoy your life.

Nick October 26, 2016 14:58

The nightlies have had temporary stat swap for some time. If you are playing the nightlies, check for if you have the "Scrambled" status at the bottom of the screen; if so, you just need to wait it out.

debo October 26, 2016 15:04


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 114205)
check for if you have the "Scrambled" status at the bottom of the screen

We need some sort of egg player race immediately.

Grotug October 26, 2016 21:07

I don't know what "scrambled" status means. But I am going to buy a bunch of stair detection scrolls and work my way back to DL30 and then find some brawn potions and slowly claw my way back into the game. Kinda tempting to start over, though.

This was totally avoidable as I had Arvedui, but figured I didn't care if I got bopped around levels to give up the huge 200+ blast that doesn't wreck potions or scrolls. Now I will take Nexus casters more seriously, though I think Debo has the right idea; just remove those buggers and enjoy my life!

Wow, so I am diving up and still getting decent stuff. CON potion at 1850' and potion of Augmentation at 1600' with level feeling of 3. This going back to 1500' is working out very well so far. Though I quaffed a nimbleness potion and it made me weak. I have all the luck.

Picked up a !DEX at 1550'. My damage is back up to [s]100[/s]125 now. I will now slowly start descending again. ninja editAnd a potion of strength! My luck is turning quick! I also found 3 Healing potions on my ascencion which I was frustratingling not finding many of when I was at 1900-2000'.

wobbly October 26, 2016 21:13

Have you looked at your damage with a shooter? From memory str is less of a big deal there & warriors have decent accuracy with a bow.

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