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Sky March 26, 2017 22:28

i'm out of recall scrolls.
ok, im playing a human mage. he's doing pretty well, CL 9, 75 hp.

thing is, i'm in town, and i dont have any recall. and i dont have any gold. and selling is off.

i used my last gold on rations. i have one scroll of descent, which would take me to DL13. i've been scumming DL1-3 for half an hour trying to raise 250 gold, but nothing so far.

any ideas?

Sky March 26, 2017 22:56

never mind, i figured it out, by killing over and over the townsfolk. *sigh*

incidentally, is there a way to bind a key to rest? i keep accidentally reading my scrolls of phase door.

Pete Mack March 26, 2017 23:27

Level 1 has gold too. Best to pick it up deeper tho. But yes, that does happen from time to time, early in the game.
To bind a key to rest: 'R&' should work. I more often bind 's' to 'R5' to rest a few turns to let a monster come into view.

Sky March 27, 2017 00:21

ok but, how do i do that? is there a menu for key binding? is it a string i need to type in?

Qyx March 27, 2017 00:56

'=' opens the options menu
'k' opens keymaps
'd' creates a keymap

Pick the key you want to map, something unbound like 'j' or 'y' will work (you can see the list in the help menu on playing the game or playing.txt, any of the unused keys are good to start with.

Let's say you picked 'j'. The screen should look like:

> Create a keymap
> Key: j

Press <enter>.

Then you type in what you're mapping, in this case 'R&' followed by '$' to close the keymap. Save it, then you can use it. (If you want to use the same keymap in another session, you can save use 'Save keymaps to file'.)

You can also define macros on the option page, but i haven't seen yet what the use of those vs. keymaps is.

Pete Mack March 27, 2017 01:47

Never, ever use macros. (I suspect the only reason there was ever an interface was to validate macros when the game was first written.) They are a feature intended almost entirely for game internals, converting terminal-control escape sequences into recognizable single keystrokes.

Werbaer March 27, 2017 11:44


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 119402)
(I suspect the only reason there was ever an interface was to validate macros when the game was first written.)

There were things you were able do with macros, but not with keymaps. In particular, changing options.

For example, with a macro, you could change the Disturbance options from "disturb when any monster moves" to "disturb when visible monster moves", rest up, and change the option back. ("any monster" interrupted resting even when a monster moved that was only visible via ESP)

Sky March 27, 2017 19:30

ok, it works a charm. except i'm not sure why the "write to file" isn't on by default, but hey, i can remap it easily.

luneya March 27, 2017 23:19

In response to the conundrum that started this thread, it seems that the best way to handle the problem of returning to the dungeon at level 9 without money for recall scrolls is not to use recall (or deep descent) for the job. Just enter the dungeon and start taking downstairs. It's faster to get where you're going this way than it would be to gold-scum, and you're more likely to find something useful along the way.

Pete Mack March 28, 2017 03:29

The issue wasn't getting down. It was getting back up again. Exploring the low levels a second time has a much lower ROI than eking out enough cash for a recall scroll.

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